Thursday, February 23, 2017

Leaving Time- The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Leaving Time

By the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Leaving time is a very confusing concept for many of our grounded ones, as “time” has been the ONE stable component of their 3D life. However, once their consciousness began to resonate to the fourth dimension, they realized there was a deep urge to be creative and to use their mind in a more exploratory, creative manner.

But, just as they began to fly off in their mind, something in their daily life called them to return. Of course there were the artists and the mystics who chose their inner world over the outer worlds. Sometimes that worked for them, but sometimes they found themselves without the necessities of the third dimensional reality.

So how can our grounded ones find their way to functioning in the third dimensional reality of time, space, polarity and cause and effect while they also leave “time” in order to experience the NOW of the new fifth dimensional energy fields that are increasingly merging with their third dimensional life?

How does one live a third dimensional life of being ruled by the clock, while they also escape into the fifth dimensional NOW for some deep rest, relaxation and education? This question is more easily answered than it is lived.

For one thing, as our grounded ones begin to expand their primary attention into their fifth dimensional frequency of consciousness, they begin to lose track of time, space becomes a multidimensional reality, and their consciousness begins to wander into the higher dimensions without the permission of their 3D mind.

The first meanderings of the 3D mind beyond its normal limitations of a 3D reality, often takes their wandering consciousness into the fourth dimensional astral world. In these lowest realms of the fourth dimension, often known as the “Lower Astral Plane” the 3D mind perceives the fears that have created limitations to take hold in their daily life.

When the owner of that 3D mind, is able to look into his/her past fears and sorrows, they create a pathway through which their mind can expand into the higher sub-planes of fourth dimension in which their innate imagination becomes activated.

However, fears of failure must be faced before one can step into the reality of being a creative person. Most of these fears were implanted in them when they were young, they brought forth these unresolved fears from another incarnation, or the fears are social fears, which an awakened person is aware of.

If one can look into their personal and social fears, stand tall and send these fears the healing force of Unconditional Love, then transmute these healing fears into the next higher octave of reality with the Violet Fire, they can open the portal to their Multidimensional SELF.

Once a connection is made with one’s Multidimensional SELF, their Multidimensional Mind becomes activated. Then, because their Multidimensional Mind is activated, they have a multidimensional operating system, which can translate the fifth dimensional and beyond perceptions into the conscious awareness of the 3D brain.

The 3D brain is not capable of perceiving, understanding, or interacting with higher frequency versions of reality. Therefore, the “owner of this brain” walks daily through a multidimensional reality, but he/she is only aware of the lower frequency third dimensional aspects of their life.

However, now that higher frequencies of light are entering Earth’s atmosphere, more and more people are beginning to perceive that which had always been invisible, silent, un-imaginable, and even impossible.

Their reaction of “perceiving beyond the veil” can be quite emotional, and many choose to totally ignore that which they cannot understand. It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF, are contacting our human expressions through as many “channels” as possible.

By “channels,” we mean the ground ones who remember, or never forgot, their higher dimensional expressions of SELF in the higher dimensional versions of reality. Some of the newly awakening ones can be shocked, or even frightened, by the visions, auditory messages that only they hear, bodily sensations and/or remembered dreams of other realities.

Our grounded ones have been taught since childhood that their physical world is the only world. Yes, there is the sky, but that only included where airplanes fly. But now, these third dimensional frequencies of the “sky” are expanding into and blurring with the higher dimensional frequencies of reality.

However, the third dimensional brain is only calibrated to perceive and consciously interact with the third dimensional frequency of reality. Fortunately, only about 3% of your physical brain is needed for the limited, third dimensional perceptions of reality.

So, what is happening within the 97% of your unused brain? We are within your NOW to inform you that the part of your brain that is NOT being used in your third dimensional versions of reality, is actually VERY active in your higher dimensional versions of reality. In fact, the higher dimensional realities that you can perceive are actually higher dimensional realities of your own Multidimensional SELF.

However, the controllers of the third dimension, who are largely limited to only 3% of their brain, must make sure that those whom they believe they are controlling also limit themselves to 3% of their brain.

This is very frightening to the “3D Controllers” because they are aware that because they live their reality within the lower third dimension of “power over others,” they cannot expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions.

What these ancient, controlling ones never learned was that when one acts via a “power over others” format, they have totally separated themselves into an individual format. This “individual consciousness format” is usually driven by the need to maintain “power over others.”

Being “only a 3D individual” with NO contact with their higher dimensional expressions of SELF, limits their experience of reality to the 3D Matrix. Most of these “seemingly human, but actually devoid of human heritage” are not aware that they have trapped themselves in the 3D Matrix.

There are still millions of others who are still trapped in the 3D Matrix, over whom they can exert their “power over others.” However, the fifth dimensional light that is continuing to flow deeper and deeper into Gaia’s atmosphere and planetary body is beginning to infiltrate and over-ride the third dimensional light waves.

In the same manner that clear water becomes pink as you drip red dye into it, the third dimensional light becomes fourth dimensional, and eventually, fifth dimensional as the fifth dimensional light waves continually intermingle with the third and fourth dimensional frequencies of light.

Those, whose consciousness can only attend to the third and lower fourth dimensions of reality, will NOT be able to perceive the higher dimensions of reality. And, even if they could briefly perceive these higher frequencies, they could not believe that they are real.

They cannot believe that the higher dimensions are real because, then their own conscience, which was lost during their early years of indoctrination, would be ignited and they would NOT be able to treat others in a fashion that they would not treat themselves.

It was an important part of their early brainwashing that it was “weak” to NOT have power over others. None of these children wanted to be weak, so they sought to have power over others. You realize how much of your third dimensional reality is based on competition and the winner is better—no matter how they win.

Of course, we are happy to perceive that more and more members of humanity are only seeking their own “Power Within.” When one seeks their own Power Within, they begin the process of returning to a conscious connection with their own Multidimensional SELF.

Power Over Others is limited to the third dimensional and lowest astral planes. Power Over is a short-term solution because, eventually, those who they have tried to maintain “power over” will find their own Power Within.

Once one regains their own “Power Within” they have the courage, and tenacity, to rise up against those who have had power over them. This cycle of, “being victimized, then finally conquering the victimizer” has been repeated uncountable times during Gaia’s long history.

It has been a “favorite holographic reality” to teach a strong sense of inner power and courage. However, Gaia tires of running this holographic program. For one thing, it is usually Gaia’s Earth Body that is left damaged by humanity’s many wars.

Gaia’s main concern is that She is being called Home into a higher dimensional expression of Her Planetary SELF. Just as humanity has greatly suffered during Earth’s descent into the third dimension, Gaia—the living essence of planet Earth—has also suffered.

One thing that many humans are still unaware is that Gaia has been silently expanding Her Planetary Consciousness into the higher fourth and lower fifth dimensional resonance of reality. All reality has a resonance, a frequency rate, which defines the dimension of reality that is experienced for all those who reside within that reality.

Gaia has resonated to the third and fourth dimensions of reality since she almost fell off Her axis long, long ago. Gaia knows what many humans do not know, which is that the era of habitation of Earth’s third dimensional frequency is ending.

However, you must think in “planetary time.” Therefore, this ending could take countless years for humanity, but Gaia can see that possible reality and has “set Her planetary sights” on expanding Her resonance beyond Her present third/fourth dimensional frequency rate into Her fifth dimensional frequency rate.

Many humans have felt the inner call from Gaia, their planetary mother, to join Her, and hopefully assist Her, as she expands her “habitation zone” into the higher fourth and fifth dimension. 

Many Shamans and Astral Travelers have journeyed into Gaia’s fourth dimensional habitation zone. But, within this NOW, more and more earth-bound humans are expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimension.

With this fifth dimensional consciousness they are able to see our Starships and even remember your nightly visits to your Starships or Home Worlds. In other words, your Multidimensional Consciousness is ever expanding into the conscious reception of fifth dimensional, and beyond, energy patterns.

These energy patterns can be translated as visions and/or channels form your higher self, nightly visits in your higher dimensional body to your Ship and/or Homeworld and/or direct instructions from your own Higher Self to assist you, as you assist Gaia.

Humanity is beginning to awaken from a long “sleep” in the third dimension. Humans often think that they are “awake” while they are operating via their third dimensional consciousness.

However, to us in the higher dimensions, we perceive humanity as being “asleep” while they are in their third-dimensional, Physical Body. And we perceive humanity as being “awake” as they travel in their fourth-dimensional, Astral Body.

We are very pleased to add that we are VERY pleased to perceive more and more of humanity as being “awake” as you join us on the Ship, or your Homeworld, in your fifth-dimensional Light Body.

As more and more of you “flash into Lightbody” while you are awake to your third dimensional reality, you will GREATLY assist Gaia with Her “flashing” into Her fifth dimensional Light Planet.

Blessings to you all,
We await the vision of your wonderful Light Show
The Arcturians

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  1. Hello dear Suzanne,
    For quite some time i've been meaning to comment on one of your transmissions and somehow never got to do it.. I have first read material from the arcturians through you maybe 6 years ago, and while i haven't read much channelled material for quite some years, you are one of the only ones i keep on coming back to.
    Almost whenever i do check up on what is coming through you here on the website the synchronicities with what what is written about and what i am experiencing/feeling/thinking/remembering is... well, nothing special anymore i guess, haha.
    Tonight i woke up once or twice and could really feel the rest of my brain, the other 97%, going crazy - so much was translated, as if my brain was working in overload the whole night through, and just rewiring itself.
    I do have a lot of flashes into 5D while I am out and about in the day to day world, but, it can be quite overwhelming i have to admit..
    I am walking across a street and see the perspective of every other person, i spontaneously enter the birds or the trees, see the holographic matrix flashing an vibrating, sometimes my hands just move energy back and forth and draw/write light language and symbols wherever without any conscious control of it from my side, or i enter into spontaneous trance states, for just a second or two, talking to guides or galactics, being on a lightship, seeing and helping other aspects/incarnations of my self in another time, another place. the other day i even had a super short bi-location that left me a bit confused..
    it is all so incredibly beautiful, but, as i said, also a bit overwhelming - especially when after days like that my bodies are suddenly just tired and the most intense emotions surface. and there are also only a few people i can talk to about that.
    Lately I have tried a few times to consciously close my third eye whenever i am on the go in the city, but it doesnt feel like the most natural thing to do..

    Ah, there is so much more i would love to write or speak about with you, but maybe at another time, i do have to lay my body to rest to wake up in another sphere for time being.
    I will meet you there, here, now.

    All my Love,
    from Hamburg, Germany

    oh, and, of course, thank you, thank you, thank you, so so soo much for all that you do, for us, for gaia, for all. Thank you for being a voice for our galactic friends, familys, and selfs!

    1. Hello Maximilian, thank you for your post. I too experience the fatigue and rising of intense emotions following great interdimensional experiences and would like to know the mechanics of why this occurs if anyone can answer please?

    2. Hello Maximilian and others!! Thank you for sharing, I have also had some of these same experiences and am now actively involved in clearing and restructuring DNA through my lightbody to anchor these new resonant vibrations onto the earth. My pineal gland is wide open as well and a good portion of my time is spent elsewhere. This work that I am currently engaged in uses frequencies, words and tones that I finally figured out were coming from my own vocal chords. I can feel the electrical connection from my brain wierd!! These are amazing times we live in to say the least haha!! and I have no one to share any of this with either. I also found this website 4 years ago when I had this amazing vision quest that started this whole process for me. I have since learned that my soul is Arcturian and all of this is hardwired into our DNA (probably by us ha!!) based on an agreement to awaken and participate which alot of us are doing now. In my view, we are experiencing something wonderful but it is challenging and very supernatural to say the least. I believe alot of us are soul family (esp on this website) and it is a very lonely road to travel since we are spread out all over the place. These new frequencies are activating all strands of our DNA where all of our innate gifts are stored, especially all the multidimensional aspects and abilities of our lightbodies. We are clearing not just for ourselves (huge fatigue) but for the planet and the collective. We are making new neural pathways in our brain to reconnect us with our memories and abilities. I finally figured out the art of surrender and flow haha!! I do know that we are natural empaths with a great connection to the earth and are here by agreement to awaken and participate in this unprecedented ascension of an entire planet, lock, stock and barrel!! Well once again thank you for sharing, I dearly love the channelings but it really helps to hear from others having similar experiences. With love to you all from San Francisco, CA USA!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hallo Maximilian,

      Grüße nach Hamburg aus Nürnberg.

      Nimm gerne Kontakt mit mir auf!

      Gruß, Mischa

  2. Love and gratitude, and please dear GAIA I hope the suffering is over quickly, yours and ours.

  3. thanks
    ital transl.
    on request to

  4. Thank You Suzille, Great message. In 2010 I had a vision that Baby Gaia would be born in 2012. The daughter of Sananda and the White Buffalo calf woman. And she was. Lalita is now 5 years old and growing in strength and courage. I feel her everyday in incredibly sweet ways. I have not spoken of her much because it sounds so silly. That is fine. However I find much inspiration in this vision and like Maximilian I look forward to your work and feel this to be good for me. Thank you for your effort. Baby Gaia is for real and growing up fast. In Service, William Lord

  5. Dear Suzanne as always a huge thank you for your wonderful articles, I find them inspiring and 'pure' I will say, which is important for they are food for my remembering Self. However I was a little bit disappointed that the beginning of the article was not followed through the end. For I was quite glad to have guidance in how to deal on a 3D day to day basis this merging with higher dimension while still in a 3D body. I don't wish to be a 'poor artist/dreamer' waiting for the rest of humanity to live daily in 4D. How to live in other dimensions while still living in a 3D body and reality and be fine and confortable? That is my conundrum right now :) and that's why I was hoping to get more about that when I began reading :)
    Isabelle <3

  6. I would like to leave a question to the Arcturians: Would you consider to use the ayahuasca to be a way to contact you? Thank you Arcturians, thank you Suzanne!

  7. Thanks for the information Sue, the connection to Arcturus is getting almost real! The message is clear and helpful. Barb


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