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Revision of Webinar and Arcturian Messages from Home Part 2

We have revised module II, please see below:


Multidimensional Mastery

Module II

Ongoing from Friday, November 14, 2014
to Friday, December 19, 2014

Presented by Suzanne Lie, PhD, as Guided by the Arcturians

Do you feel the desire to actively engage in your higher mission to enhance multidimensional awareness and assist in the expansion of consciousness for the planet? Are you ready to commit to the next level of engagement and step up to become the leader that you and your Higher Self signed up to be? The Arcturians have stated that you are now officially being called into active duty!

All participants who feel the call to join are invited to attend. The various training modules featured in the Multidimensional Leadership School are organized in a manner in which sequential attendance is not a requirement. Therefore, first time students are warmly welcomed, and attendance in Module I is not required.

Sign up now to secure your spot in this exclusive opportunity to engage in your future and be an active participant in this important planetary role!

COURSE DATES: November to December 2014

OFFERED BY: Suzanne Lie, PhD, as guided by the Arcturians

PRICE: $333 for Module II

Living your Inner Directives


(1) WEBINAR 1: Expanding your Multidimensional Perceptions
Friday, November 14, 2014, 11:00 am-12:30 pm (Pacific Time)

·       Clairvoyance ~ Seeing the higher dimensional worlds
·       Clairaudience ~ Hearing the higher dimensional worlds
·       Clairsentience ~ Feeling the higher dimensional worlds
·       Instinct ~ Listening to your “animal self” to ground these perceptions

Monday, November 17, 2014 – Thursday, December 4, 2014 (Time/Dates TBD)

·       Group Workshops for Webinar Material Integration
·       Small Group Meetings that will include Discussion with the Arcturians
·       15-minute personal sessions will be scheduled for new students, and Module I graduates will initiate assignments/projects

Module I graduates will utilize their leadership skills to assist in leading groups & supporting
new students that join our expanding Multidimensional Leadership Group.


(3) WEBINAR 2: Maintaining a Higher State of Consciousness in Daily Life
Friday, December 5, 2014, 11:00 am-12:30 pm (Pacific Time)

·       Learning How to Meditate
·       Releasing Thought Forms and Activities that Lower your Consciousness
·       Balancing and Merging the 3D with your Higher Life
·       Viewing Daily Life through your Higher SELF

Monday, December 8, 2014 – December 18, 2014 (Time/Dates TBD)

·       Group Workshops for Webinar Material Integration
·       Small Group Meetings that will include Discussion with the Arcturians


(5) WEBINAR 3: Discovering your Personal Means of Daily Communication with your SELF
Friday, December 19, 2014, 11:00 am-1:00 pm (Pacific Time)
Course Wrap-Up and Summary Session!

·       Merging the Multidimensional Mind with Third-dimensional Brain
·       Remembering Light Language
·       Journaling/Channeling
·       Documenting your Multidimensional Communications

Module I graduates will utilize their leadership skills to assist in leading groups & supporting
new students that join our expanding Multidimensional Leadership Group.

In Summary:

COURSE DATES: November to December 2014

OFFERED BY: Suzanne Lie, PhD, as guided by the Arcturians

PRICE: $333 for Module II
And Questions email me at:

Upon completion of Module II, graduates will receive extensive classroom toolkits containing all of the suggested readings, webinar and workshop recordings, and additional information to utilize in their leadership 

Messages from HOME Part 2

Walking the Center Path

Our Dear Ascending Ones,

We the Arcturians and all the members of your multidimensional families realize how long you have served your mission to assist Gaia and her humans who were lost in the illusions of third dimensional Earth.  We realize how challenging your mission can be.

We also wish to remind you that all the great Masters of Earth endured years and years of defeat before they were recognized? In fact, many of them were only recognized after they had died/returned Home. Thus we remind you that you are in good company.

How many Saints and Masters have gone through what you are experiencing. Yes, our dear ascending ones, you too are on the path of Saints and Masters. Also, remember that all of humanity has the right and ability to walk that path as well. YOU, our beloved family, have the great task of convincing them that they can create that reality.

There are many who are quietly on the Path of Saints and Masters because they too are the Path of Ascension. In fact, all of humanity can chose to walk that Path within this NOW. Along that Path there are many moments of disappointment, disillusionment, anger and fear.

There are also moments of joy, bliss, unity consciousness and unconditional love. To find the Center Path, the resonates in-between all third dimensional polarities is difficult and increasingly challenging in a world in which it may appears that the darkness is winning.

We speak to you today from the armada of higher-dimensional Starships that are surrounding your world. The name of this Starship is difficult to pronoun in your human tongue, so we have translated it to sound like “The River of Light,” or “Rivera.”

This Starship is actually what you would title a Mother Ship because of its size and because the Ship serves as the caring mother for many generations of inhabitants. We Arcturians are no longer limited to a physical planet. Instead, we desire to travel through the Multiverse performing our Mission of surrounding pre-ascending realities with our Arcturian Corridor to assist them with the process of planetary ascension.

Our Corridor is a huge frequency net that serves to protect birthing realities from the harshness of those who do not wish to release the polarities of the third/fourth dimension. Within this Corridor of protection many the members of our “away team to the ascending planet,” in your case planet Earth, there is a level of protection for those who have expand their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

  Earth is a free will planet, and there are still many who are freely choosing to remain in the Power-Over-Others positions that they have maintained since the fall of Atlantis. Therefore, ascending Earth has many conflicts within Her planetary system. The power-over fractions do now wish to surrender the control they have over the population, and will stop at nothing to maintain their position.

  However, since they have used nuclear devises, which have harmed other planets and dimensions, we have been able to turn off all those devises. We also cleared out the huge underground cities they created so that they could fulfill their plan to destroy the surface while they safely waited underground.

  It may seem to kind-hearted members of your reality that this scenario is impossible, and we wish that it were. But, in order to fully reveal the highest light, the darkest dark must be brought to the surface of the awareness of humanity. Unfortunately, the brainwashing campaign of the power-over fractions has been quite successful and many still slumber in the illusions of the third dimension.

Due to the free-will nature of Earth, there is not much we can do for those who chose to remain in those lower frequencies of reality. In order for us to fully assist humanity, we must work from the inside by assisting those who are ready and willing to release their third dimensional habits in order to expand their consciousness into their Multidimensional SELF.

You see, the source of the need to have power-over others stems from NOT having power-over one’s self. Thus, the inability to have power-over one’s own self is based on a limited state of consciousness. Those limited to only third-dimensional consciousness have a very small perspective of reality.

Hence, they cannot understand that the energy they send out will eventually return to them. “But those ruled by darkness seem to get away with it every day,” you may say. “If I do something against another, it seems to quickly return to me.”

You are correct in your observation. Those of you on the ascension path have expanded your consciousness into the higher frequencies. Therefore, the energy that you put out quickly returns. Please realize that this immediate return also occurs when you send out unconditional love and multidimensional light.

Those still trapped in darkness can only put out power-over-others, which is a form of fear. If they don’t “do that” first, then someone will “do it” to them. That type of thinking is very fearful and limits their consciousness to the third and lower fourth dimensional realities. The darkness may seem to be “wining,” but you can log-out the entire “game” by leaving that frequency of reality. In fact, that leaving is known as “ascension.”

In the meantime, there are still many humans on Earth who are still operating within the confines of third-dimensional thinking. Third dimensional consciousness is the primer state of planetary evolution in which the inhabitants are still learning that ‘energy out’ creates the same ‘energy back’ into their reality.

Because the majority of the population has not yet mastered this basic law of cause and effect, the few are still able to rule over the many. One of the main reasons that this occurs is because the dominant state of consciousness is still third dimensional, which is ruled by the illusion of time. 

Therefore, the energy that goes out into your world takes “time” to return to the sender. Furthermore, the lower the state of consciousness, the longer it takes for the cause to return. Hence, the dark ones, who resonate to a very low state of consciousness, do not see the effects of the energy field they sent out for a very long time.

On the other hand, those on the path of ascension have expanded their consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality are preparing to transmute into the fifth dimension, which is free of all time. Since you are preparing for an instant manifestation of your thoughts and emotions, the effects of your causes are occurring more and more rapidly.

You are like fetuses preparing to leave what appears to be the safety of the womb. You want to live in a completely different reality that is far beyond the knowing of the birthing infant. Just as the infant is very fragile during the process of birth, you are very fragile during your process of re-birth.

There is something that is happening to your body that you do not totally understand. Furthermore, you are getting flashes of realities that are totally unlike the one you are experiencing within the “womb.” Yes, our beloved ascending ones, you are within the womb of our Arcturian Corridor waiting for the NOW of your great transition.

Unfortunately, because your thinking is still bound to waiting, a time bound concept, you have the experience of “waiting for something to happen.” However, as your consciousness continues to expand, your sense of time will transmute into the your experience of NOW.

Within that NOW you will know that you are ascending because you will know that you are no longer who you were and have no real idea of who you will be. It is during this experience that your best choice is to assist others. By assisting others you ground your self in the body of Gaia, and you keep your consciousness in the higher frequencies by sharing what you have learned.

If you look at the lives of your Saints and Masters, their lives were not easy. These ascending ones knew that they would not return to live within the holographic projection. Therefore, they wanted to share what they had learned that had allowed them to return to their true Multidimensional SELF.

Since these ascending ones were moving beyond their “personal consciousness” and expanding into “unity consciousness,” “planetary consciousness” and “galactic consciousness,” they were able to rise above the illusions of the third dimension.

Because unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance are the cornerstone of ascension, they were above all sense of being a victim. They knew that they were the creators of their reality, even if their ascension was preceded by a great personal challenge.

Their thoughts were not for themselves but for the innocent, un-awakened ones who had become so trapped in the net of illusion that they could not perceive how the energies that they sent out would feel when they return back to them. Since one must know universal laws within themselves before they can perceive them in their own reality, these un-awakened ones became easily trapped in the third-dimensional deception sent out by the dark ones.

We Arcturians often refer to the “dark ones” as the “lost ones” because they have become lost in the darkness of power-over-others. Most of them were not born as lost ones, but became lost because of their family systems and outer realities. Many chose to enter these families in order to help, but eventually succumbed to the familial indoctrinations.

We send these lost ones our unconditional love and will be there to assist them when the power-over energies return to them via the law of cause and effect. However, since their consciousness is usually very low, it may take many of their years before they receive the energy field that they have been sending out to others.

What is occurring within your NOW is that there are higher frequency energy fields moving into the actual body of Gaia that are expanding the resonate frequency of the planet into higher dimensions. This process has had to be slow and steady or it would cause great harm to Gaia’s planet.

Those of you who have expanded your consciousness to encompass the higher dimensions will, and are, the first ones to experience that “something in your reality has changed.” You know this change because you feel a sense of protection that was not there before. This protection is your own higher states of consciousness.

Even though darkness seems to be winning in many areas of reality, what is actually occurring is that the darkness is becoming obvious to you because you are moving beyond its influence. You know that because you can perceive the resonance patterns of those who actually embrace the darkness and misperceive it as their light.

What is occurring in your NOW is that the polarities of light and dark are becoming more obvious to you because you are perceiving the third dimension from the higher view point of your multidimensional consciousness.

 We know that it is difficult for many of the members of our away team to see how many are be fooled by the darkness. We also know how difficult it can be to remember to send unconditional love and Violet Light to those who appear to be destroying their world. 

We want to inform you that Gaia will no longer tolerate the heavy burden of a polarized   reality in which the darkest polarity has far too often ruled. Therefore, She is releasing the density of Her third dimensional resonance. Those of you who have expanded your consciousness will move with Gaia’s into Her fifth dimensional expression of New Earth.

In other words, Gaia has regained Her own inner balance and is releasing the very “third dimensional net” that assisted Her from falling off her axis at the demise of Atlantis. Those who exist in “time” will remain on the third dimensional matrix of Earth, whereas those who expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond will join Gaia on New Earth. The fourth dimensional astral plane will exist at the “place in-between” to unify and assist those who wish to ascend, but need “time” to expand their consciousness.

 You, our beloved family and friends who have taken earth vessels to assist with planetary ascension, are facing many challenges. However, because of your expanded consciousness you KNOW that the best way to help your self is to help others. 

 You are all multidimensional leaders who will open the portals to New Earth, while you stay behind to assist others through them.

Unconditional love to you ALL,
Your Galactic and Celestial Family


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