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Pleiadian Perspectives, BK 4 - Lemurian Celebration, Gaia Speaks


Lemurian Celebration Part 1

Gaia Speaks

Dear Arcturians,
As I come to the close of this amazing project of four books, I find that I cannot receive the ending. I know that a part of me does not want this process to end. Part of me will miss this experience forever, and another part is concerned about how life will change once I have completed it.

I know that this process has been a major initiation for me, as well as a major component of my Divine Plan. Will I have more initiations as the book completes, I ask knowing the answer is “always.”

Mytre and Mytria, Sandy and Jason and Mytrian, how can I leave you out of this conversation? I have grown to know and love you as elements of my higher self, which I know that you are. I miss the Ship more than ever, but know that my away mission is not yet complete. Besides, as much as I miss that life, I love and adore this life.

I guess the solution is to become truly multidimensional so that I can experience both lives within the NOW of my ONE. I realize that I have not been ready for that yet, and in fact, I am not actually ready now. I need to clear of my “work slate” first.

“Are you sure?” I hear the voice of the Arcturian.

No, I am not sure of anything, except I AM sure that I am communicating with the higher dimensions and I AM sure that I DO love this final physical life. Please Arcturians, continue speaking with me.

“We have never stopped communicating with you. We communicated with you before you were born and for your entire life. You have known us via many names, but it has always been our energy field with whom you have been communicating.

“We come to you today as we see you struggling with the end of this series. ‘Do I know enough to finish this project? Should I learn more, read more, meditate more?’ In other words, you are having difficulty letting go of this project. You have finished it in your mind many different ways, but none of them feel right.

“You are correct. It is not YOU that will finish this process. It is every one, and everyone will finish it ‘their way.’ This project is not your project. It is a planetary project, and you are one of the many who have put into words a form of this project of PLANETARY ASCENSION.

“You are not writing THE truth. You are writing YOUR truth, your version of the truth that is NOW flowing into the atmosphere and body of Gaia. Just as Gaia’s beings of nature have myriad different forms and functions, Her people have myriad different perceptions and assignments. Each of the Keepers of the Land, humanity, is in some state of remembering their SELF.

“It may not appear that way as many are still very lost within their physical vessel. However, we, the members of the higher dimensional worlds, can perceive their higher dimensional expressions and are assisting all of them.

“Some of those we are assisting are completely unaware of what is occurring within their superconscious mind. But when they are ready to awaken to that dimension of their SELF, their inner library will be full of all the information and emotions that they will need so that they can further assist Gaia and themselves.

“There are those of you who are the Light Bearers. You are amongst the first to speak of the Truth. On the other hand, there is the Clean Up Crew who will be the last ones to ‘leave the party.’ Time is among the first 3D illusions that you will need to release.

“With the surrender of this illusion there will be no hurry or deadline as there will only be the NOW of Ascension. Living within the NOW will assist you to release your third-dimensional thinking and allow you to gently flow back into your Multidimensional SELF.

“Please remember that this life, which you hold so dear, is only one of the myriad realities in which you are NOW participating. We ask you to put into multidimensional perspective your process of ascension to better realize that ascension occurs within your every breath.

All of you have been experiencing myriad ascensions, and you are NOW living ascended lives in countless ascended realities. Therefore, you do not need to release your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. What you need to release are the illusions of that state of consciousness. Your greatest challenge is not to ascend, or to even ascend with Gaia, for it has already occurred within the NOW.

“Your greatest challenge is to release the third dimensional thinking that calibrates your perceptions to the illusions of the physical plane.

“We will happily replay the calibration of Gaia’s Core Crystals, but please remember there is NO time. While bound to time you will revisit this re-calibration with your every thought and your every emotion.

“We ask you NOT to look into the future when you will finally be free. We ask that you look into the NOW in which you are ALWAYS free.

“We left off with we, the Arcturians, saying…
As we calibrate the Core and Cornerstone Crystals to the fifth-dimension and beyond, the third/fourth dimensional portions of Earth’s planetary matrix will no longer have a place to which they can attach. Then, the third/fourth dimensional timelines, along with those inhabitants, will expand into a higher frequency or move into the matrix of another third/fourth dimensional planet.

“In this manner, those who are not yet complete with the experience of resonating to third/fourth dimensional realities will simply switch into another reality as easily as one can switch into a different dream. With the recalibration of Gaia’s planetary Crystals, the portals into the fifth dimensional matrix of New Earth will gradually open.

“As the portals into multidimensional Earth steadily open, those who choose to remain on a third/fourth dimensional planet will unconsciously be re-routed to other physical planets that are experimenting with the concept of polarity and separation. There is no judgment of ‘success or failure’ in these choices.

“Much can be learned from living in the separation, limitation and the extremes of polarity. Each being will make their decisions based on their own Divine Path. In fact, there are many higher dimensional beings that have chosen to remain in the lower dimensions to assist those who still believe they are only physical.”

When the Arcturian completed It’s speech about Earth’s early history all the members of the gathering, Lemurian, Atlantian, human and Galactic, stood up and toned in the manner which was Inner Earth’s version of applause.

The toning was so powerful that the entire room and all the beings and objects within it began to glimmer with an ever-increasing golden light. Sandy and I were so overwhelmed by this energy field of light that we began to morph in and out of form.

First our form appeared human, then it became a cloud of light like the Arcturian’s formless form, then it took on the tall, thin shape of the Lemurians, the shorter but more humanoid shape of the Atlantians. We also found ourselves wearing the forms of Mytre and Mytria, as well as our composite form of Mytrian. Finally we rested into the shapes of Sandy and Jason.

“These are just a few of the myriad incarnations that you have experienced in your long excursion into form,” said Mytre and Mytria with one voice. Mytrian, who suddenly joined us, smiled in agreement.

We were about to ask for more information when everyone in the room turned toward the side entrance of the room and became totally silent. When Sandy and I witnessed the tall, regal female of golden light, we had to resist the temptation to drop to our knees. We did not know who this woman was, but she felt so very familiar as if we had always known her.

“It is Gaia. She has taken a form!” we heard in hushed whispers from those around us. Sandy and I both thought, as we dared not speak within this holy moment, “Gaia can take a human form?”

To our surprise, Gaia looked directly into our Soul and said, “Dear human warriors for the light, I AM all forms on my planet.”

We could not help ourselves and fell to our knees in front of Her.

“Rise,” spoke Gaia in a heavenly voice that echoed through the large room. “It is I that have come here to honor you. Of course, I honor not just these two humans. I honor all humans who have openly embraced every challenge and energetic transition with love and courage. I have created this form so I could join you all as we celebrate our planetary ascension.”

Sandy and I could feel the warm smiles of all the members of the room. Like them, we watched in awe as the Arcturian flowed to face Gaia with a low, respectful bow. When the Arcturian rose to an upright, glimmering shape It merged with Gaia in a burst of light that expanded far beyond the room.

This light reflected the galactic light of distant worlds as well as the earthly light of dawn and high noon. Galactic and earthly light intermingled into the birthing reality of Gaia’s return to Her higher expression of fifth-dimensional New Earth.

They then stood side-by-side as Gaia said; “Within this room members of Inner Earth, surface dwelling humans and humanity’s Galactic ancestors unite as ONE. I bask in the glory of this NOW. To see my many humanoid beings gather together in peace and love fills me with joy and unconditional love.

“I tire of my polarity now and am ready to return to my true fifth-dimensional expression of Oness with ALL life. The experiment of holding my form in the lower frequencies of third-dimensional form has been arduous and very damaging to my body. My plant and animal kingdoms have been decimated and my earth and air have been polluted beyond conception.

“Humanity, who was meant to be Keeper of the Land, was the cause of this destruction. Fortunately, they are awakening, but far too slowly. It is the NOW for my return to a frequency of life in which ALL the members of my earthly body can prosper and find peace and love. I am complete with the experiment of holding form at such a low frequency that humanity battles each other while the innocent suffer.

“I see that within this room is the joining of my first inhabitants, Draconian, Pleiadian, Sirian and many others, who have moved on to become the Galactic Federation. I feel their Starships that wait within my atmosphere to assist those who are ready to remember their full Multidimensional SELF.

“I see the topsider humans who have remembered their heritage both in their earliest societies of Lemuria and Atlantis as well as their galactic heritage. Through this remembrance you, dear humans, are able to expand your multidimensional consciousness to experience being within my Core.

“And, of course, I thank the members of my dear friends of Inner Earth who have long awaited this time of joining. These Lemurians and Atlantians have, at last, learned to live in peace within my Inner Earth. I also thank my dear sister Venus and brother Mars who have surrounded and protected me through the long dark night of the Kali Yuga.

“All of us are joined NOW within my core to welcome the New Age of Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love.”

As Gaia spoke Her body morphed into visions of glorious forests, clear and brilliant skies, immense oceans filled with life, vast prairies and tall mountain ranges. All of these visions overlapped and included Her humanoid form. When She completed her message, she returned to Her golden form.

Gaia stretched out her left arm and said, “I now introduce Sanat Kumara, who has served for eons as my Planetary Logos. Without the protection and guardianship of this fully evolved and higher dimensional being, my planet would have perished long ago. To our surprise, Gaia knelt as Sanat Kumara entered the room.


  1. My heart expands reading your post, dearest Sue and Selves, truly beautiful and I am at peace. Unable to make any plans, but no longer confused, I am content to go with Gaia. How long and arduous a path it has been, but having finally, finally arrived in the NOW, at last I understand. B.

  2. Joyous tears, ALL Love to YOU ALL

  3. I was tingling and emotional reading this one. I can't imagine what Gaia has endured, even though I see some of the human carnage on her physical body, our beautiful planet. How has our race of lifeforms become so inconsiderate? I have been one myself and offer Gaia my heartfelt condolences for being so selfish and naive.

  4. .....“Your greatest challenge is to release the third dimensional thinking that calibrates your perceptions to the illusions of the physical plane." ...

    Yes, to see through the illusions is what we should do / understand. Change is possible when the illusions are just what they are, illusions.
    Judgment and ideas of something being better than something else seem to be behind every corner of our thinking, even when we would not expect them to be there. We need to realize that, without judgment. It feels like we just have to open our mouth or write something, and we end up judging something. It does not happen when we meditate.
    Escape or to find something "better" is not the answer, we just have to realize how our mind works.

    And yes, it is as if we were all forming the M-theory of ascension. We can help each other to see and understand in many ways. To realize, to integrate the wisdom into us is for all. Thank you Sue for your help. Katariina

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