Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Life


The small child very much wanted the
brightly wrapped present.
But somehow she felt she didn't deserve it.

Each time it was given to her
she retreated in shyness and lowered her eyes.

How could that lovely prize be hers?
How could she accept it?

“Just take it,” came a kindly voice.
“There are others who know more than you.
Even though you cannot see
all that has brought this to you,
know that it is yours.”

The child did not understand.
But she trusted the kindly voice and
timidly reached for her prize.

But, as she touched it,
it disappeared.

“Where has it gone?”
cried the child.

“Why, it is yours now,”
said the voice.

 “It is no longer something
that you must reach for.
It is something now,
which you must own.”

As we move into New Earth, we must remember that that which we thought of as "modesty" was actually a form of fear. We are adults in the NOW of our Multidimensional SELF. Thus, we must OWN that SELF and live it in our daily life. 

We are moving into a wonderfully special epic of our myriad sojourns onto the body of Gaia. We waited in line and wrote a petition to have the honor of taking an incarnation in the transitional era. 

We are complete NOW. We have changed into adults! 


Once there was a baby bird.
He could not fly nor feed himself.
Helpless, he lay in the nest and
waited for his parents
to bring him nourishment.

Because the bird was so dependent
he grew to worship those who cared for him.
After all, without them, he would die.

However, over time,
the bird began to change.
The fluff on his body began to drop away
and something else took its place.

Of course, when the bird
began to lose his fluff
he became very worried.

“What is this ‘something else’?
What if this ‘something else’
is not as good as my fluff?” he cried

Also, to make matters worse,
the growing bird’s parents
did not come as often with food.

They left him alone in the nest,
which was becoming smaller every day,
for what seemed to be a very long time.

And now the “something else”
began to itch.
The bird wanted to shake himself
and spread his arms.

But, alas, the nest had become quite small
and, if the bird were to move at all,
he had to stand on the very edge of it.
One day, when the nest had seemed
very small and the bird felt very itchy,
he stood on the edge of his nest
and stretched out his arms.

Just as he did so, a gust of wind came up
and blew the terrified bird from his nest.

Oh no! 
The parents were gone again
and the ground was very far away.
Surely, he would die.

Whatever could he do to save himself?
Clearly, he was all alone with no one to help.
And oh, he itched so terribly.

But, at least now, he could stretch himself,
if only for a few moments.
But something happened
when the bird stretched out his arms.

The very evil wind that had
blown him from his nest
seemed to catch him by the “something else”
that was hanging from his arms.

“My, this is wonderful,”
thought the bird.
“Even if my end is near, at least I can enjoy
what time I have left.”

Then, just before the bird
reached the ground
he thought to look up to where he had been
and to where he would never return.

Surprisingly, as he did so,
the wind carried him in that very direction.

The bird became so very excited
that he rapidly moved his arms
with the something else hanging from them.

For the first time, he really looked at himself
and found that he was just like his parents.

“Why, these are wings,” cried the bird.
“And I am flying.”

So the end was really the beginning.
And, what the young bird
 had thought was his death,
was really a new life.

Blessings on your new life! We are HERE NOW! 
The most difficult part will be to release of habit of being third dimensional.


  1. I literally got goosebumps when I read that what the bird thought was death was really the beginning of a new life. You really nailed something deep that is happening NOW Sue. Thank you. Also I have been feeling that I have wings. I spread them wide sometimes, like when I am walking my dog at night around the neighborhood. I bless everyone in their homes as I walk by. I bless the trees and the plants and GAIA.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. alex alfa 1 & GF-friendsDecember 26, 2013 at 5:05 AM

    wonderful,brilliant, RMA, and (like the previous post inside the words written )we can join colored sparklin'useful evolutionary energies,filling gaps among our Selves,
    this is love in action ,which gives birth to real ONENESS..........