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Back On Ascending Earth Was That a Dream?

Back On Ascending Earth

Was That a Dream?

I had the most unusual dream last night. I was in this room with beings from many galactic nations. Most important, Mytria and Mytre were there. I was so excited to see them that I ran over to them to try to get their attention. However, no matter what I did they did not seem to know that I was there. 

At first my feelings were hurt. When they walked right through me I realized that we were resonating to very different frequencies. The room was filled with many galactic beings all communicating with each other at the same time. They seemed to be able to understand what everyone was saying with their minds.

I could not understand anything and soon became overwhelmed by the intense, higher frequency energy field. Then the picture began to dim from my perceptions, and then, the room disappeared in a beaming white light. Just before I awoke, I saw a building that is close to our small airport and heard the words "twelfth floor."

As soon as I awoke, I tried to wake up Jason. Yes, we are living together now. Once Mytria, then Mytre, left we were too lonely to live alone. Besides, we were usually sleeping together in one place or another, so we found a cute cabin just out of town and moved in together. To continue my story, just as I tried to wake Jason again he sat up and said, "I just had the most amazing dream."

"I was in this room that had waterfalls, deserts, beaches, mountains and all kinds of nature on the walls. However, all the pictures were real and I could walk into them and experience the scene, like the holographic world you and I have been talking about. Then the room went suddenly blank and..."

"You saw Mytre and Mytria," I interrupted.

"Yes," Jason replied. "Did you see the building by the airport too?"

"Yes," I replied in an excited voice. "There really is a building there, isn't there?"

"Yes," I answered. "Let’s go look at it now."

"Great." was his response.

We were out of bed, dressed and in the car in less than thirty minutes. We got in our car and took off to the airport. It was still early, so there were only a few cars in the parking lot when we got there. The building was quite modern, but the aerospace company that built it went bust years ago. Since then different companies had rented out sections of the building, but it had fallen into disrepair for lack of funds.

"Did you hear the words 'twelfth floor?'" asked Jason when we arrived at the building. "It doesn’t look like it is that high."

I agreed. I could doubt that I got the floor wrong, but both of us getting the wrong floor seemed unlikely. Since Mytria and Mytre left we had been having meetings with a few friends with whom we could share our real experiences and had been practicing expanding our consciousness to regain our higher perceptions. Perhaps, that was the answer.

We both got out of the parked car and walked to the building. When we entered, a sleeping man at the reception desk jumped up and said, "Most of the offices are closed. There are only a few people working now. Who are you looking for?

"We have a meeting on the twelfth floor," Jason said.

"What," the sleepy receptionist said. "There are only ten floors on this building. You must have gotten the floor wrong. Who do you want to meet with?"

"Isn't there an international travel company on the twelfth floor?" Jason bluffed.

"No, no," replied the receptionist, "but there are several on the tenth floor." He pointed to his left and said, "You can check out the registry by the elevators."

We thanked the receptionist and went to read the registry. I was thinking that maybe we were wrong about the floor number when Jason said, "I know that I heard the twelfth floor." We did that a lot now, shared thoughts or responded to what the other one did not say. We had become very close, and even though we often disagreed, we always talked it through (eventually) and got back to our deep friendship.

My thoughts were interrupted by Jason saying, "Let's try this room. It is called M&M Travel," he said with a smile. We got in the elevator laughing at the cue of M&M--Mytre and Mytria--and pushed the button for the tenth floor.

As I have said, the building was a bit in disrepair, but we had expected that the modern looking elevator would work. However, it seemed to move up in bits and spurts, then suddenly went very fast. When the elevator stopped and the door opened I said, "I am taking the stairs down. I don't care how many floors there are."

Jason agreed with a weary smile that revealed that he did not like the elevator ride much ether.

Fortunately, M&M Travel was down the hallway a few doors. We stopped in front of the door and agreed that we were both unusually nervous. Jason protectively opened the door and peered into the office before he took my hand and we walked in. The office appeared worse for the wear, as did much of the building. There were uncomfortable chairs lining three of the walls with small tables in front of them scattered with old magazines and brochures.

The rug looked old and worn and the pictures of destinations on the walls were faded. How could this place be the entryway into the room of our dreams, we said together. We smiled when we realized had read each other’s thoughts. Directly across from the door was a wall with a window into the reception area. We noticed that there were also closed doors on each of the sidewalls, likely leading to inner offices.

I looked at Jason as he said, "This place looks more like..."

"A doctor's office," I finished.

We both smiled as we finished each other's sentence again. Our moment was broken when we heard,
"Can I help you?" coming from the reception area.

Without thinking we both muttered something about being in the wrong room and left. We closed the door behind us, ran down the ten floors, walked straight through the lobby and out the door. We got into our car and drove from the parking lot without saying a word. Jason instinctively drove to a nearby meadow where we often went for picnics and to meditate or reflect.

Still without talking we walked to a fallen log that often served as our chair and said at once, “Something is very wrong there.” We then had a good laugh because we said the same sentence again. The laughing calmed us now, and we took a few minutes to meditate and regain our center.

When we opened our eyes, we pondered why we both felt the urgent need to leave that building. It was definitely the building in our dreams, and the twelfth floor was obviously at a higher frequency as the building only had ten floors. The room we saw in our dreams was of the highest frequency that we had ever experienced.

Thus, we had to wonder why the rest of building resonated to such a low frequency? Also, why would they choose to have an inter-galactic landing area so close to such a dense building? The questions hung in our minds without an inner answer. We were just thinking how much we wished we could ask Mytre and Mytria for assistance, when they instantly came into our joint consciousness.

They appeared in our mind’s eye as their combined Divine Complement and said with one voice, “We are happy to commune with you again. We are sure you realize that we were among the members of the room on the twelfth floor.”

We both nodded yes.

“We had no awareness of the density of the physical structure in the lower frequencies of that building. However, we have observed your experience today and wish to assist you in finding your answer. Both of you have come far in your ascension process. Thus, we will assist you in a similar manner in which the Arcturian assisted us, by asking you a question to which you must find the answer.”

We both had a feeling that they would do that. It was time for us to own our ascending nature and release the illusion that assistance comes from beyond our own being.

“Yes,” replied Mytria/Mytre. “You are ready to find the answer to that question within your SELF. Of course we will remain ever-present if you need us.”

“It looks as though we have a mystery to solve,” Jason said with eagerness in his voice.


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  4. 12 chakras 12 floors 12 rounds around a Sun, 12 .............
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