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Galactic/Earth Alliance The Landing Party Creates

Galactic/Earth Alliance

The Landing Party Creates

I am not sure what I did, but I do know that I extended myself too far. I was trying to bi-locate to the reality of raising the Violet Temple on our Pleiadian Homeworld so I could check on Almon. However, I also wanted to remain in contact with my earth expression, as well as my 2013 Mytria consciousness that has been shared with my contact person.

However, I have become somewhat lost in the human consciousness, and I did not fully ground myself. Also, I forgot establish a contact with Mytre, the Arcturian or even my SELF on the Ship. I think that my humanized ego wanted to do it on my own. Well, I did get myself in quite a mess while being on my own because I do not know where I am.

I am, of course still alive, but I do not appear to be wearing any body at all. This is a very unique experience. I did experience being swirls of light with Mytre and the Arcturian. I only had a form of swirling light then, but I was with my Divine Complement and my Mentor.

Unfortunately, I was so deep within human, 3D mind that I made a decision based on ego. I was going to save everyone. Now someone will need to save me. Fortunately, now that I am free of a physical encasement, my multidimensional thinking is returning. I know that by now the Arcturian and my dear Mytre are fully aware of my plight and are coming to my rescue. I hope!

I guess I still have some third dimensional doubt. However, I must say that it feels quite freeing to be out of the limitations of a third dimensional mind. How do humans do it? I have more respect for them than ever now. I must admit that while I was within the human shell I judged other humans.

Now I am again able to understand just how difficult it has been for all the higher beings who volunteered to take an earth vessel during this exciting, yet very dangerous, era. I seemed to have made a mess of it in a very short time. I know that my human expression was just adapting to the presence of my higher consciousness, but now I have suddenly vanished.

Fortunately, I am still aware enough to know that there are no mistakes or accidents. There are only opportunities. Hence, I will now make an analysis of this "opportunity." First off, there is nothing here. I mean there are no forms, no beings, no animals, no people and no planet. Of course, there also is no me. I am pure consciousness in this NOW.

However, being alive while in this state of pure, formless consciousness is proof that I will never "die." Also, I do not seem to have any fear, or even love. In fact, I have no emotion at all. Obviously, I have thoughts, but they appear to empty, devoid of all emotion. Wait! I am remembering now the secret of manifestation. My thoughts create a thought-form, which can only become alive when I fill it with emotion.

I do know clearly that I only want to fill my thought-forms with unconditional love. I do remember that the frequency of my emotion will dictate the resonance of my creation. Unfortunately, I am beginning to feel a small semblance of fear, perhaps arising from my human experience. I cannot, will not, allow that fear to remain.

I will think of Mytre and of our great love. In fact, I will call him, as I know he is searching for me. Knowing he is searching for me creates a feeling of deep, unconditional love. Good, my emotions have transmuted into a higher frequency. Now I must transmute my thoughts into what?

I know! I will think of something that will make it much easier for Mytre and the Arcturian to find me. I will think of our cabin on the Mothership. It is very easy to fill that thought-form with unconditional love. I will begin with the table in front of the replicator and those very uncomfortable chairs that Mytre and I joked about.

I can feel how that is pressing against my thighs and how hard it is to sit on. This thought is filled with laughter and fun. We both knew that we could change the chairs, but we grew to like them, as they made us laugh. As I feel the emotion that goes with the laughter, I also see the table between us. Oh, my heart fills with joy when I think of Mytre sitting in front of me. In fact, I see him in front of me right now.

“Are you really Mytre or are you just my imagination?” I ask.

"Is there a difference?" replies Mytre as his deep blue eyes look into mine.

I am entranced by his eyes and stare into them for what feels like forever. Of course there is no time here, so the term forever has no meaning. In fact, it feels as though I have always been here, but it simultaneously feels like I just arrived.

Unfortunately, my analysis has distracted me from the feeling of Mytre sitting across the table from me. Suddenly, I am alone again in the no thing of no time. I begin to feel human fear and know that I must instantly transmute it. I think of the Violet Fire in the core of my Pleiadian planet and find myself in the Temple just after we it has been raised.

There is Almon lying next to the Fire. I rush to him. Even if this is an illusion, it is my illusion. It is also a destination to which I wanted to bi-locate. If there is time here I have no idea how long Almon has laid here like this. When I first touch him, my hand goes right through him. I have brought my consciousness to this scene, but I have no density. However, Almon does stir and utters a small groan as my hand goes through him.

I think of all the healing techniques I learned during my long years in the Temple and focus on sending healing energy and love into Almon's body. As I do so, he begins to slowly move his head. I scan his body with my hand and Third Eye to determine the nature of his wounds. The thought that this situation is an illusion created by my guilt enters my mind, and the entire scene fades away.

"NO!" I cry into the nothingness. Fortunately, I regain my composure and remind myself to guard my thinking. Illusion or not, Almon needs to be healed, and I know how to heal him. With that thought, I focus my attention on my deep feelings for Almon. I imagine the Violet Temple around me and feel the higher resonance of the Violet Flame in front of me. When I think of Almon lying beside the Flame I realize how easily I can fill that thought with unconditional love.

Gradually, the vision of the Violet Temple returns and Almon appears beside me. I feel the emanation from the Violet Fire, which is similar to warm love. Feeling this warm love in my heart, I scan Almon with my right hand while I pull in the energy of the Violet Fire in through my left hand. As I scan Almon I can feel the flow of Violet Fire into my left hand, through my heart and out through my right hand.

Slowly, Almon begins to breathe more deeply as he adjusts his arms and legs. He appears to be unaware of his environment because his consciousness is disassociated with his physical form. I can understand that dilemma as my consciousness only has a very loose outline of a form. However, when I hear Almon mutter Mytria, I know that he feels me even if he does not see me.

I decide to lie down next to him and use my entire Essence to heal his body. Since there is no time, I have no idea how long we lie together as one person. I am not sure how much of a form I had when I first arrived here, but it appears that I have more of form after lying next to Almon as I can feel him touching me. Also, I can feel myself drifting off into something like sleep.

"Wake up my dear. I believe that you have healed me," I hear a distant voice repeat again and again. He sounds very far away, and I cannot seem to open my eyes to see him. If I cannot see him, then how can I hear him? Also, why can't I wake up?

I had the most unusual dream last night. It was about the Priestess in the desert. She was lying next to a man who was wounded, and I woke up when the man was healed and tried to wake up the Priestess. I tried to go back to sleep so I could find out more about the dream, but my mind was too busy trying to figure out anything. Finally, I got up. Bad idea.

As soon as I started my day I was overcome by the worse depression I have ever experienced. I felt as though I had just lost my best friend. I cannot remember ever feeling such sorrow. My day was horrible. I kept crying for no reason and finally had to leave work. Unfortunately, it has not gotten much better. However, I am home now so I can try to figure out what is going on with me. Nothing has happened that I can think of that should make me feel so miserable.

However, I feel like I have lost something or someone. I don't understand. My life has gotten so much better. I started reaching out to others and have made quite a few friends. But, now I don't want to see anyone. I just want to lie on my bed or watch something stupid on TV. I hope I can pull myself out of this horrible feeling. I wonder if it has something to do with that dream?

I can't find Mytria anywhere. I checked on the Contact Person, and she is deeply depressed. I think it is because she can feel that something (Mytria) has left her, but I doubt that the human knows that Mytria was ever with her in the first place. I have also checked our Pleiadian planet, but I have no idea what timeline she may have gone to. I think she wanted to assist Almon, but there are many timelines created for that realty.


(By now it was about 1:30 AM and time for me (Sue) to go to sleep. I woke up at 7:30 AM because I had an amazing, very realistic dream, which I will now share)

My husband and I were somewhere that is unfamiliar to me. Perhaps we were on vacation. We were staying with people I do not know, but we seemed to know them in the dream. Different situations ensued that I cannot remember and were likely unimportant. The important part was that towards the end of the dream there was a lot of hurry, scurry as people were rushing around in an excited, happy and unafraid fashion telling everyone to go outside and see "it."

We, my husband and I, decided we would go outside to see what all the excitement was about. We looked up into the sky and a huge Starship was just above us. I could clearly see the Ship’s underbelly. The Ship was triangular in shape. It was VERY close to the ground, hovering over a field that was circled by trees. The Ship looked huge to us on the ground, but it was likely a Scout Ship, as it was no larger than the clearing in which we were all standing.

The dream then switched in time, perhaps hours or the next day. The Ship was still there, but it had not landed or tied to contact us. The best part was that there was no military or people with guns ready to "attach the invader." Hence, at least in my dream world the propaganda about the "horrible aliens" did not take over our consciousness.

No one was actually afraid or calling the police or any other authorities. We were in a small, isolated community that was used to handling things for themselves. Thus, everyone was slowly adapting to the obvious fact that there was a space ship just outside our door. I woke up with an image that the inhabitants of the Ship were floating in some kind of fluid because they needed to adapt themselves to our polluted reality before they could leave the Ship.

When I woke up, I went right to my computer and wrote down the dream before I forgot anything. Even so I know there are things that I did forget. I guess it is obvious that I am pretty obsessed with the Starship landings. As many know, I was abducted as a child, which likely continued for many years. The good part of that experience was that I could not forget my SELF.

I could NOT become lost in the 3D mass mind of the VERY dark years from 1946 to very recently. Secrets were the norm and Americans were being muted with fluoride in their water and the wondrous new brainwashing invention of television. Then there were the many horror movies of the awful aliens, all of them very ugly, evil and out to kill/eat us. Fortunately, there were some rays of light that told the true story of our Galactic Friends.

However, the terrifying images of the horror films were far more effective than the truth of the kind Beings from a different world who came to us in friendship. No wonder the Galactics in my dream had to go through a process before they could enter our tainted world.

Also, they may have been waiting to give us all a chance to move through the remainder of our fear. Maybe those of us who are ready can raise our frequency above the illusion of the 3D. Maybe we can see the truth hovering just over our head, waiting to be fulfilled.

I do not want to make this post too long, but I feel that the Arcturians want to say something, so I will release my writing over to them.

"Our dearest friends and family on Earth,
Yes, dear ones, you are in the process of ascending. However, the entire planet is ascending with you. Therefore, you will not perceive a change in your life, as Gaia is changing with you. Gaia's plants, animals, elements and Elementals are ready for ascension now. It is humanity that is creating the long wait. It is easy to point the finger at the bad guy, but too many humans have turned a blind eye to what is happening in their world.

“Too many humans became lost in the brainwashing and in the fear. However, many of the lost ones are beginning to awaken and shift from fear to love. However, those who are already awake must begin to come out from cover and be their SELF. The power of Unity Consciousness of those who connect in hope and unconditional love will create a group perception of New Earth.

“There are many who will not awaken in their current lifetime. However, Gaia is a multidimensional being. Hence, those who can gather in unity to expand their group consciousness into a higher expression of Gaia's planetary consciousness can begin the creation of New Earth. Of course, creation is not the correct word, as fifth dimensional Earth is beyond time. Thus it is infinite. However, your collective consciousness is able to create the perception of New Earth.

“You will create this experience by expanding your consciousness enough to activate your higher perceptions. This expansion of consciousness is being activated in all humanity by the higher light from the Galactic Center. However, where your attention is, there you are also. Therefore, you will need to continue to detach your attention from the remaining darkness on Earth and place it on the Light Path into New Earth.

“There are many who are the ‘mop up crew.’ These humans have volunteered to contain the ones who choose violence and propaganda so that they cannot interfere with those who have volunteered to be the conscious creators of New Earth. You, the conscious creators, must free your minds from the fearful messages and myriad acts of violence. You can leave that job to the mop up crew, as well as the Galactics.

“Every one of you has already chosen your contribution before you were born. Therefore, trust your instincts. If you are in the mop up crew, you will be very busy, but if you are able to accept this message or others like it, you too will be able to be in contact with your Galactic Family and Higher Expression as you fulfill your Mission. We wish to extend our blessing to those of you who have chosen a difficult task, and we salute your bravery.

“Meanwhile, those who have chosen to be the Creators must leave the earth conflicts to the mop up crew, so that they can co-create the perception of New Earth. Remember, your beliefs determine your state of consciousness, your state of consciousness determines your perceptions and the reality you perceive is the reality that you live. Hence, your primary task as Creators of New Earth is to maintain the highest state of consciousness that you can for as long and as often as you can.

“As you already know, maintaining a high state of consciousness in the midst of a fear-based reality is no small task. However, you are the Openers. Via your expanded perceptions you will perceive what others cannot because their nose is to the grindstone, or their consciousness if filled with fear. New Earth exists beyond the limitations of time. Thus, it is beyond space, as well. Therefore, New Earth is HERE, NOW inside of your higher state of consciousness.

“As you work with others, you will amplify your personal state of consciousness to a state of Group Consciousness. Then, as your group merges with Gaia, you will amplify your consciousness to the state of Planetary Consciousness. It is within this higher expression of Planetary Consciousness that New Earth will take root in the physical body of Gaia.

“Then all who are able to merge with Gaia will merge with New Earth, as well as all who merge with the expanded Planetary Consciousness will merge with New Earth. Your planetary consciousness has been attached to the world of fear and conflict. You do not need to attach your perception of reality to that version of Earth. Instead, please disengage from that version of Earth and chose to focus your expanded consciousness to the ascended, fifth dimensional version of New Earth.

“You may think, ‘How can it be so simple?’ However, to disengage from a perception that you have known as real and to chose to attach to a perception that you have been trained to believe is just your imagination is very far from simple. Furthermore, to detach from what you have known and to re-assign your attention to that which you are creating, takes great courage, determination and power within.

“We leave you with this thought and with your dreams.
The Arcturians”


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  2. Ok folks, how to get to the group creation? How do we all come together? Ideas?

  3. Dear Sue,
    the words by the Arcturians make perfect sense to me and I realize that since I was a child I had to stay detachted from violence and fear. Now I am ready! I am constantly into the co-creation of New Earth!

    Italian translation:

  4. Om blessed is the Absolute
    in all Its potentials in all Its manifestations
    and blessed are they who love
    Om tat sat
    Om nama om

    Dearest Suzan blessed are you

    I share what happens in these days to me , even is shortly,even if so difficult task…………..
    I use the present verbal format now.i am alone in a cave

    : I suddenly feel an intense krystal-love for Mitreya,so I invoke and project (to Her timeline now on Earth or wherever possible),to Her White light,blue light,Violet Flame …………..
    In a humbly hope to help Her also to remember who she really is ,as I am only a spark I contact LOVE.Source,Oneness to be effective…………..I start perceiving a subtle hissing spherical beautiful sound of countless harmonics ,I perceive Her ,her love,her Soul,so pure ,so

    bold as love…

    I send Her all the purest unconditional love …
    I ask Higherselves advice and objective data. After a short-long meditation I see :
    What HigherSelves,Galactics,Celestials and other Goodwill beings and she and you are doing. is a wonderful manifestation of Love/compassion in action
    also on our behalf…
    Suddenly I see clearly that it isn’t good-balanced-enlightened to pretend or wait that beings like them ,like Mitreya,like you,damage themselves ,risk to go out of balance and so on,to help us ,while we often sleep,rest,waste time and energies also because we are not responsible ,feeling unworthy,weak,victim,lost,………….i mean They/she/you can help us but I have been gently and lovingly and firmly,shown that we have to face , we must meet ,our responsibilities,become reliable,active,dependable…
    Many wonderful beings have avoidable problems also because we do less than we should ,less than we can.less than the situation requests in Harmony…..
    So I have have decided to change my inner attitude ,more towards active cocreation and diminish the asking for help….so easily used and abused ,,,

    Other time:
    Again I have met Her in a better state with the same pure,clean,energy she belongs to.
    Another time:
    I go to Alcyone and I reach the Violet temple .
    I ask to go in the Violet kosmik Flame,for Me, for Gaia ,for all active real goodwill and/or lightbeings on Earth,
    but mainly to be sure to send something pure effective and healing to Mitreya.
    A very intense experience ,after been kindly received in that nice location
    I am wrapped in whitegolden lightbody and then I go in the Flame
    After I knew she knew ..
    I hope you understand how strong and delicate is such a contact.

    Her daughter was so kind……………..up there….

    So I say to all who seek and/or live the Truth lets honestly face our responsibilities and be active co-operators and not creators of sacrifice.lambs.victims .
    I know we are not in a drama
    Anyway if the contact person would be in better conditions Mytreia’s activities would be easier,pleasant,effective
    So we have to,we should ,we must strive to have the best states of consciousness,in this way everything will be better for all……..
    So they who help can see a good harvest and not waste,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    But my expressive ability is now fading----

    I know you’ll perceive what here words cant convey..
    Namaste’ shalom selamat


  5. Hi Susan,
    you need to return back to you body :)imagine you Light body then visualize it returning back to you Earth body, feel it grounding :)
    and that is all that you need. You will feel it.:)

    1. Thanks,
      However, I am in my body, every year of it. But your advise is great.

  6. Translation in Japanese

    with love,