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Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance Mytria and Temple of Violet Fire

Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance
Our Mission Begins

The Temple of the Violet Fire

When I emerged from the Womb of the Mother, I knew exactly what to do. I packed a small bag, went straight to the Temple in the Village and told my friends what had happened. Those who I recognized from my first visit to the Mother's Core, as now I could remember all their faces, knew that they had to return with me to the site of the Sacred Stone. Somehow, they knew that they had volunteered to work as ONE being to create the Sacred Temple for the Violet Flame.

I then went in to the Village to find the others that had been called to the Core in what seemed like a lifetime ago. As I walked through the Village I recognized several people that I remembered as being within the Mother's Core. I trusted the Mother as to who was ready for my communication and who was not. By the end of that day I had found five people who had been called by the Mother and were ready to follow me into the wilderness.

These people were not Priests or Priestesses but carpenters, masons and architects. My going into the Village was a great idea because, as the word got out many of the people that had not been ready before came to the Temple to find out what was going on. Within a short time, a small, dedicated group of about thirty people was ready to follow me to the site of the Sacred Rock to build our Temple of the Violet Fire. We thought that building this Temple would take many crossings of the Sun, but the Elohim Alycone and the Arcturian had a surprise in store for us.

We started our journey to the Site heavily laden with equipment, which would make our journey very slow. I had been instructed that all must walk to the Temple and only simple building materials were to be allowed. The creation of the Temple was a sacred act performed on sacred land. Therefore, no heavy machinery was to be used. Also, none of our advanced technology would work within the force field of that area. When I explained this fact to our group, ten people instantly left.

The rest of us quietly continued our journey in a deeply reverent fashion. In the morning we awoke to greet the day with meditation. At night we sat around a campfire and talked about what we remembered of our meeting in the Core of the Mother and how it had changed our lives. As we came closer to the Site we began to feel the energy rise in frequency. I was surprised by this sensation, as I had not experienced it before.

When I asked Elohim Alycone about this new vibration, She said it was because the Violet Fire had been ignited. That evening by the campfire I told everyone what the Mother had said, and we decided to have a group meditation. I suggested that we begin our meditation by visualizing that our campfire was a Violet Flame. We all agreed and focused on the fire in the middle of our circle until all of us could imagine it as a Violet Flame.

We then closed our eyes and went into a deep trance of twenty people with ONE consciousness. As our group consciousness expanded into higher and higher frequencies, our collective vision of the central Flame grew larger and larger. Our challenge was to keep our circle connected even though it appeared that the Violet Flame would soon overtake us.

In fact, the Flame did overtake us, but it was not a physical flame but the higher-frequency, Violet Flame. As the Violet Fire engulfed our group, we each received personal instructions as to how we were to proceed. We did not know what each other’s instructions were, but we were aware that we were all receiving them.

After we accepted our personal instructions, the intensity of the Violet Fire grew within our bodies. As we later discussed, each of us had the experience of a deep shift within our thoughts, emotions and even our physical form. We also felt the Violet Fire connecting us into a tightly knit group of individuals with ONE purpose. Just before dawn we each left the Circle to get a few hours of sleep. The next day we would be at the Site, and we were more than ready to begin our Destiny.

As our small group entered the force field encompassing the surrounding area of the Sacred Rock, we instantly noticed an intense rise in the vibration within the air, as well as within our own bodies. When I was in the Mother’s Womb, the planetary Violet Flame was ignited, and the night before our arrival, we all experienced the activation of the Violet Flame inside of our bodies.

Then, when our Personal Violet Flames came into the proximity of the Planetary Violet Flame there was an intense transmutation of all life within the force field. Furthermore, the containment of the force field greatly amplified the expanding frequencies, as did the echo of higher energy as it bounced back and forth between each of our bodies. Shortly after, we all began to experience intense symptoms of transmutation.

At first, we thought we were sick and had eaten something that was poisonous. I had lived in unknown areas my entire life and had never eaten any poisonous plants. Therefore, I requested that we go into another group meditation to ascertain together the reason for our apparent illness. We all got the same message, “You are experiencing symptoms of transmutation. Relax for a few days and allow yourself to adapt to the higher frequency of the area, as well as the higher frequency of your own body.”

We had arrived late in the day, and none of us felt like eating. Hence, we all got our bedding and found a place in my cave or in whatever adjoining area that called them. Yes, everyone was simultaneously beginning to hear the Inner Voice of the Mother. It seemed that the connection between our personal Violet Flames and the planetary Violet Flame connected us with the planet, a well.

Most of us feel asleep quickly, as we had been awake most of the night before, and the rest of us soon followed. We awakened at Dawn. We slowly built small fires to boil water for our morning tea while others assembled our remaining food to prepare our breakfast. Other members of our group gathered more firewood, cleaned up the living area and surveyed the land for more living spaces.

We all worked at one person, most of us totally forgetting how sick we had felt the night before. When we sat down on the ground to partake of our group meal, we discovered that we had all had the same dream. Two great Beings of Light had come to us and showed us the area on which to build the Temple.

We easily remembered this “dream” because we had spontaneously chosen that exact area to sit and have our first meal. Upon that realization we laughed joyfully, a sound that often filled the force field along with the growing feeling of unconditional love. Since we all accepted each other unconditionally, there were no conflicts. If a disagreement started to arise, all parties of that conversation separated for a moment to go into meditation.

When they returned, there was no need to even discuss the issue, as they had already done so via the Violet Flame. Gradually, we came to realize that since each of our Personal Violet Flames were connected to the Planetary Violet Flame we were all connected to each other. This connection came in very useful as our symptoms of transmutation became stronger and stronger.

We realized that until we had completed whatever process we were undergoing we would have to work in shifts. Then we all had a chance to take at least half of the daylight to rest, meditate and/or practice our expanding healing techniques on each other and ourselves. Fortunately, just as our symptoms became quite dire, more and more of us developed our own unique forms of energetic healing.

Since the Great Mother always provided a healing force to balance the symptoms of great change, we knew that NOW we were at ONE with Nature. However, some days we all had to take off, as we needed to rest or were called upon to assist the others who where downloading more light than their bodies could contain. In this case, they were often taken to the Lake to float on the water or bask on the rocks surrounding the Lake.

We found that water, especially floating on the water, had a very calming effect for our overloaded nervous system. We also realized that if we matched our cycles of sleep and wakefulness with the Suns, we felt better. Thus, we went to sleep at Sunset and awoke at Sunrise, as we all needed extra sleep during our transformative process. We also needed copious amounts of water.

Fortunately, just in time, a few of us found that they had dowsing abilities. Quite by chance, one of our group picked up an “A forked stick” and felt an urgency to follow the pulling sensation of the stick. When the stick pointed down to the ground, we dug a deep how and soon found water. We all tried to Dowse and found that three of us were very good at it.

Hence, each one of our “Dowsers” found a location for a well, which others dug, found stones for the well and wood for the crank, while others made the rope of out of the plants that I showed them. Within a very short time we were living completely off the land, which was none too soon as our provisions were almost gone.

We all found that when we relaxed into our process of transmutation that our transformation became much easier. If we were working and hit a rough spot of experiencing discomfort, pain and/or confusion, we told our group and someone took our place so that we could rest and “surrender into the process.” We often had periods of complete forgetfulness as our brain temporarily shutdown in order to integrate the downloaded information. This information seemed to come in either through the Violet Flame in our Heart or through the Crown of our head.

We decided to have morning meetings so that we could discuss our dreams and/or whatever problems or breakthroughs we had with our transmutation process. These daily meeting were vital, as they bonded us into an even tighter, more loving group. Also, we learned a great deal about our transmutation process by sharing our process with each other.

We knew that we could not build the Temple in this condition of instability and constant change. However, we also knew that we would all be ready at the same time. When that day finally came, we functioned as ONE Being with myriad multidimensional abilities. We thought we knew about everything by then, but we were in for a big surprise.

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