Saturday, June 16, 2012


My Entry NOW

Good Nowness Dear Humans,
We the Air Elementals, the Sylphs, have come to speak with you this day. We are so honored to be able to have a voice for the ears of humanity. Always, we have floated past you without your knowing. We have often whispered in your ear, and some of you even heard us. Unfortunately, very few could understand us.

What we have been saying all these millennia is that we are happy to feel your breathe within our sky. When you breathe out your sorrow, we feel sad and concerned. When you are frightened, we feel it as anger and wish to comfort you. And, when you breathe happiness we feel joy and wish to join you in on your play. However, our lives are at a different frequency. Therefore, all we can do is express the emotion and intention of your breath. We glow with your singing and wither with your tears.

Do you know how much of your essence you release into the atmosphere with your every breath? As Elementals we are bound to express our creations in alignment with your breath. We Sylphs are vital to life of all beings, as we bring oxygen to the mammals and light to the plants. Our plant friends are aware of our service and sway back and forth with the power of our movement. Our animal friends are aware of us, but generally ignore us, except for the birds. Humans have called us Faeries or bugs.

Some have batted us away, and others, especially children, want to play with us. Many stories are written about us, which makes us quite glad. However, few humans are aware that we serve Mother Gaia to clear Her atmosphere, and raise its frequency when possible. We love to do our work in the wilderness or where there are few humans. However, the air over many of your cities is almost intolerable. We take turn working over these cities, as many of us have actually perished from air pollution.

There was a time when humans honored us and tried to keep their air clean, but then they withdrew much of their assistance. We wondered if it was our fault, or if the humans had gotten lost again in their greed. However, our needs are simple. All we need is more loved breathed into the air to assist us as we transmute the polluted skies.

For a while, there was great disruption from a machine that pushed our Ionosphere away and allowed it to collapse back. Our supervisors, the Devas, tell us that humans are stopping that activity. If this is so, we are very grateful. Many of our friends were lost due that horrid machine. In fact, we Sylphs do not care much for any machines and wonder why humans can’t make them quite and clean like the big Starships.

The Beings on the Ships can see us and even communicate with us. They have told us to be patient a bit longer as things are going to get better soon. Actually, the humans are trying to protect more of Gaia’s beautiful places, which will clear the sky and fill it with the harmonious thoughts of plants and animals. Then we can get on with our plane to transmute Gaia’s atmosphere into its higher expression.

Our favorite places are over oceans and forests. We can relax there because the water and the trees feed us with there life force. To be fair though, we must say that more humans are looking into our sky with gratitude for its clarity and beauty. When we feel their appreciation and gratitude, our energy is renewed to continue with our work. These humans are our friends. They know what we do for them, and they try to help as much as possible. They may not be able to control much of the pollution, yet, but they can send us their love, which is so very much appreciated.

Even though you humans do not see us, we can see you clearly. Also, we cam instantly feel your intentions and know the human with whom we can share our Silent Knowing. We have much Silent Knowing because we are everywhere and can feel information as it resonates within our skyies. We absorb the many thoughts from all of Gaia’s life forms. Yes, all of Gaia’s being have thoughts! Animals think. Birds think. Even plants think. It is just that most of the members of the animal kingdom, and all of the plant kingdom, think in a feeling, vibrational manner.

In fact, non-humans think in vibrational patterns. Most humans cannot read these vibrational patters, but we Sylphs can easily understand them. These thought patterns in our sky are how birds can migrate and animals can find water or each other. These patterns, also, influence the weather. Humans are unaware how much they contribute to the vibrational patterns of the sky. However, many children can feel them. Unfortunately, the children forget this skill when they become adults.

In many other “primitive” or “ancient” societies it was quite common to read these patterns to better navigate the land and sea, determine the weather and to gather information from the ONE. If you will listen to the sky, you will learn a great deal. Also, if you call us, we will assist you in learning to read these energy patterns. However, no one can read them with the chem-trails in the sky. We have tried to tell humans that these white streaks are not natural. In fact, they are laced with chemical that are very hazardous for us, for the humans, plants and animals. Why would humans want to harm the sky?

The humans who can talk to us say they trying to stop this problem, but they do not have much more control over the “destructive ones” than we do. Fortunately, we can see that there are new patterns entering the sky that are of a very high vibration. We can see these patterns and love to rest within them, as they are filled with love and joy. Our friends on the Starships and our Deva supervisors tell us that more and more of these new frequencies of light are coming into our atmosphere. We are quite excited about this information, as we are ready for a change.

We don’t want to complain, but we are ready to pull our beingness into the higher sky. By higher sky we mean the sky that is of the new light. We have looked forward to this new light for millennia and eagerly welcome it. It appears that some humans can also see the new sky, and when they can see it, they can almost see us. We think it would be wonderful if humans could see us. However, some humans are very difficult for us to understand.

On the other hand, there are other humans who are our best friends. They talk to us and listen to what we are saying. Do you think that there will more of these kinds of humans soon? We really hope so, as we could use some help. The frightened humans are very messy and leave the exhaust form their toys around to choke our plant friends and make the birds sick.

If any of you want to help us, we would surely appreciate it. All you have to do is to look up into our sky as often as possible and say, “Thank you dear Sylphs. You are doing a good job and we send you love and gratitude.” 

Do you think you could remember to do that for us?

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  1. Thank you, Suzanne. This is just what I needed to hear right now!
    AMy, Durham, North Carolina