Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Message to 4forGaia Group

Hello dear ever-expanding group,

I now have the information that i tried to email you all up on my new site, so please click:

You can download the mp3 by right clicking it right from this page.

I am offering three more times to meet. All times are FREE

Thursday July 5 at 10:00am  PDT  --  (This is our Webinar at an earlier time as i am leaving for 3 weeks after that to be "with the Mother" in the wilderness.)

    If you are new to the webinar please subscribe at:

If you have been to the Webinar before, you will automatically be notified

The transcripts for the last 4 for Gaia Webinar will soon be available at the above website:

the next two meetings are on Saturday for those who work during the day:

Friday July 6 AT MY 4:00PM PDT, which is your 9:00am Saturday.

Saturday July 7 at my 9:00 AM, which is 4 to 6 PM in Europe.

Of course any of you can attend any of the time offered.
I will do the two meetings above on Skype  However, i could do the Australia one via Conference--Lets take a vote and let me know what the majority of you want. I have had some problems with Skype to Australia, but maybe those people were in remote areas.  If you do choose, conference call, and i will let you know-- below is the local number for Australia.

My Skype name is suzanne.lie
     so please "invite" me and i will accept.  If you have any

Australia                                   +61 1300 051 796
Access code is   321595#

I will get the webinar video and mp3 up as soon as possibe, but i am still on a learning curve

I look forward to meeting all of you again or for the first time. These groups will be smaller and you will be able to speak.

I thank you and Gaia thanks you


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