Monday, January 9, 2012



Dreaming of New Earth

The last two nights I have been saying before I go to sleep, “I want to go to New Earth tonight and remember my experience.” I did not remember my experiences when I woke up, but during the next day I found new concepts in my mind that were not there before. For example, yesterday while I was talking with some one about wanted to have a physical feeling of New Earth, I realized that that would not be possible. Again, I was thinking third dimensionally about how we experience life in our physical world, but the experience of life in a reality based on separation and density would be very different from the experience of reality based on unity and a high frequency Flow.

I suddenly realized that touch in the fifth dimension would be very different. For example, when we touch something here, our separate, physical hand meets a separate person, animal, plant or object. Therefore, when we have the experience of touching an object, we feel only the surface of that object. Or, if we touch another person or animal we feel only the surface of that being. On the other hand, in the fifth dimension we are not separate. We all extend our auras beyond the form that we are currently using. Furthermore, every “thing” is created with our thoughts and emotions and carries these thoughts and emotions as well as the experience of any interaction it had with any life forms.

Consequently, there are not two clearly defined surfaces that interact via physical touch. Instead, there are two auras that merge because an aura does not have a surface. An aura has an emanation that expands and contracts. Hence, our experience of touch is not surface against surface but an emanation merging into an emanation. In fact, all of New Earth and beyond is emanations merging and interacting within the Flow of multiple possibilities. These possibilities that shift and change with our every thought and emotion. Also, in the fifth dimension and beyond the polarities of fear/love, you/me, good/bad, etc., do not exist. Most important, our ego “shell” no longer exists to create and perceive these polarities.

Without the third dimensional thinking of our ego, the cumbersome nature of a hierarchical system based on separation, comparison, competition and desire for what we “don’t have” no longer exists. These limiting concepts are replaced with, and healed by, our Multidimensional SELF. Long ago in “time” our Multidimensional SELF extended a component of its stream of life down the frequency spectrum and into the third dimension. Now our SELF is pulling this stream of life back into its higher expressions of SELF.

When life is felt aura-to-aura there is no sense of separation. Hence, there is no comparison, competition or desire. Instead, there is unity, cooperation and fulfillment of unified purpose. That which was once felt as desire is replaced by the Flow of the unconditional love, which guides us as we share our experiences of an ever-expanding concept of reality. This Flow resonates beyond the limitations of time, but cannot be accessed while we are living within the limited concepts of third dimensional thinking. Fortunately, the multidimensional light which increasingly Flows into our Being turns-on the forgotten 97% of our DNA. Hence, this light higher frequency light activates our innate, multidimensional systems of consciousness, cognition, emotion and perception.

When I went into meditation this morning, I had the perception of “Bob” extending his hand to me. The meditation stopped there for some reason. I suppose it was because I needed to back up a minute in order to go forward. By that I mean that I had to fully understand what was happening before I could proceed further. Yes, I know, that is third dimensional thinking again, but at least I am catching myself in the act of 3D thinking more often now. That is what we all need to do in order to dislodge the HABIT of being our ego in a physical body.

With my ego disengaged, I now confront the illusion that it is impossible for me to experience a reality by simply writing about it. However, as I write, I see. I see the world that is inside of me, and I can temporarily release my attachment to the world that appears to be outside of me. I close my eyes a moment to remember the vision I had during my meditation and extent my hand to touch Bob’s outreached hand. Yes, sure enough, I experience this touch via my imagination, for my 3D body is merely a bystander. However, as Bob and I touch I feel a warmth that flows from his hand into my hand. In fact, this warmth is flowing from his heart and into my heart.

I hear my third dimensional mind wanting to doubt this experience, but I push it aside by reminding it to stay in charge of typing. Given its own assignment, ego is temporarily silenced, and I proceed with typing my inner experience. I feel Bob actually pull me up, which I know is a metaphor, but my brain needs to make sense of this experience in some way. This “pulling” is much more an energetic experience rather than a physical one. I am still addicted to the concept of a higher frequency being UP instead of IN, but I will “practice” getting used to a new way of thinking.

I am now in New Earth. My experience feels like being IN New Earth rather than ON New Earth, which is unexpected. I don’t really see a ground or a sky or, even Bob. I just feel like I am IN a different reality. However, I am totally aware of my grounded self who is typing. I feel my separate fingers as they touch the separate keys and the slight resistance of each key as I touch it. Simultaneously, I am inside my imagination being in New Earth. I am reminded of how I experienced life like this very often when I was a child—before I knew better?? I usually had two realities running, the one outside of me that was NOT safe and the one inside where my Guides where always with me.

I guess I never totally grew up—thank Goddess! I take a moment and thank my child for forgetting to forget her inner life and return to my experience. I say experience rather than vision, for I know that it is REAL. I know that if I could remember to carry this experience with me through my mundane life, I would be calm and peaceful. At the same time, I know that I will forget what I am experiencing. Maybe that is why I like to write it down. Then I can go back to it when I forget. So, I go back to it right now. I turn my mind around to see inside, and turn my heart around to FEEL inside.

I am in New Earth again and taking some long exhales to expand my consciousness enough to activate my multidimensional perceptions.  As I do so, I feel the kundalini rush up my spine, opening my Third Eye. I blink it several times to calibrate my perceptions to third higher dimensional reality. When I do so I feel the kundalini move down through my body and into the earth reminding me to share my experience with Gaia. I feel the body of Gaia inside of me and recognize Her consciousness as she “holds my hand” in support and camaraderie.

I have to stretch my imagination to embrace holding hands with a planet, but again I remember that Light Language is based on pictures, feelings and metaphors. With Gaia in the picture, Bob appears again with a huge smile on his face. He is speaking to me telepathically, so I have to take a moment to translate before I can write it down. The 3D fingers, connect to the 3D brain, so I have to translate the multidimensional Light Language and into third dimensional English…

“Hello. I am Bob. Can you feel how touch is so different here? That is one of the first things I noticed HERE. I send that word to you in caps for everywhere is HERE in this reality. At this frequency of Earth, there is no time to create space and no space to create separation. We are all HERE NOW, and you are merged with the WE. I know it will take you a while to remember how to be HERE on New Earth and, simultaneously, on Matrix Earth. So take some “time” to get accustomed to this reality. I can feel that your earth vessel is hungry, so give it some food and come back when you can.

The vision fades (good, I was tired) and head for the kitchen.  

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  1. It is so wonderful to read your experiences and to feel them too because they help us as we try to experience New Earth.

    I have been wondering if another way to access this reality with our consciousness is to use the internet or cyberspace as a model. Follow me: when we go wherever we want to virtually, on the computer, or when we "are" whoever we want to be online, isn't that the same as experiencing another reality? When our minds and our energies enter the virtual universe, isn't that similar to what you are describing? Isn't the cyber world a model of what the fifth dimension could be, where you can be anything, know everything, and "see" everything in a second? Isn't the fifth dimension just part of the Great Mind?

    I am hungry too!