Sunday, July 17, 2011

Power of Unconditional Love

Many of us are having reorganizations within our family that is a result of clearing of our subconscious fears, habits, and behaviors. These reorganizations occur because we have expanded our consciousness into the fifth dimension. As we connect with these higher frequencies of our SELF, we are more able to find the courage to step into your deep subconscious. Of course, we don’t really have much of a choice. If we choose to merge with the higher expressions of our fifth dimensional SELF, the homeostasis of our earthbound systems will pull our consciousness deep into the inner secrets of our subconscious. The energies will then continue to flow back up then down again until our consciousness has found the Center.

It is within our Center that we are able to most effectively commune with our Multidimensional SELF. When we function from our multidimensional consciousness, we can better observe the deep subconscious programs of our many earthly lives. Relationships with people with whom we have incarnated together for your many third and fourth dimensional lifetimes are likely to be in our life now, so that we may assist each other to clear old patterns of behavior. These relationships offer the promise of deep intimacy, but they also can be a reservoir of dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

These old behaviors, which were created by the fear and separation of our many third dimensional lives, can easily be healed by unconditional love. Because of our deep connection to these people, we will take the effort to unconditionally love them, and ourselves, in order to heal the old patterns and move into a deeper love and commitment. Because we have been finding our Center, our consciousness is expanding enough to activate our expanded perceptions.

These expanded perceptions, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, allow us to read our own energy field, as well as the energy fields of others. In fact, we are learning to detect the energy matrix within our aura in order to discern how energy runs through our personal body, as well as through the body of Gaia. We may not have these energetic perceptions in an intellectual manner. Instead, we may experience these rhythms of energy via our emotional mood, feelings within our body and by swift pictures and sounds that are just above the threshold of our third dimensional perceptions.

When these energy fields are calm, loving and peaceful, we feel centered, our body is energized, and we have a sense that something good is about to happen. On the other hand, when the energy flows are dissonant, our mood may be anxious or impatient, our body is tense and we may have a sense of impending doom. The highest frequencies of energy create give us a sense of peace and love, and the flow of energy is free of any constricting patterns of energy. These patterns of energy expand out in all directions like the light of the star.

On the other hand, when the energy around and within us is filled with fear, our behavior can be dictated by the restricted energy that sluggishly moves through our body. As we connect and merge with our fifth dimensional SELF, this component of your greater SELF assists us to find the Source Cause of the restricted energy. Then we can move our consciousness into that situation, reality or thought-form to heal the fearful energies by filling them with unconditional love.

This unconditional love will actually rewrite the experiences that created that resistance by raising our consciousness beyond that of the third and fourth dimension. If there is an issue that has created a strong karmic pattern, we can perceive it from our fifth dimensional perspective, which is free of old ego patterns. When we identify the Source Cause of a persistent behavioral reaction in ourselves or in others, we can merge our consciousness into that behavior to perceive that behavior and situation through the eyes of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is one of our most important multidimensional tools that we have within us to assist us to change old patterns of behavior on an energetic level. As we give our self the great gifts of unconditional love, we find that we can more easily send this unconditional love to others because we have discovered that we can easily and lovingly give to others what you have learned to give to our self.

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  1. Hi Sue,

    Feeling like you wrote this just for me. It's EXACTLY right on the money!! You have such a brilliant way of putting words to this process. It always blows me away! Thank you for sharing your gift and helping us to gain insight, clarity and understanding. May the blessings you offer all of us come back to you a gazillion-fold.