Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

Thank you for your responses to my last blog, as well as to each other.

I noticed that the topic of fear was discussed, so i wanted to share my month of September, which is happily coming to a close. This month has been one of clearing out my basement and facing old fears from my past. I guess, as we go into the NOW we need to take one more look at the past. It is as if we have bought many new clothes and there is no room in our closet. Therefore, we need to go into that closet to take out and release all that we no longer wish to "wear" on our bodies and in our life.

The second part of this challenge that i have learned is that in order to release the old 3D paradigm, we must pay exacting attention to our third dimensional life, especially in areas that have caused us fear in the past. We are used to thinking and living uni-dimensionally. Hence, we tell ourselves that that we can only do one thing at a time. The reality is, which i have learned in living color this month, we are multidimensional and can do many things at once. Of course, we have to believe it. If we don't believe we are multidimensional we tell our mind and body that we are "tired" and "overwhelmed" because we are doing too much. There is NO "too much" in the NOW because we are infinite. NOW, we just have to believe that statement.

The third thing that i have learned this very instructional month of September 2009 is that we are totally protected and the ONE has our back and is "on our case." Hence, if we just sit back a bit and watch the show, we just may find that what "went wrong" needed to happen to right our course. However, we also need to realize that paying attention to our Multidimensional SELF in our daily life will allow us to release all the drama/fear that comes with change. For decades we have heard that "change is coming." Well NOW, change is here, and we are in the thick of it. Constantly and consciously connecting to and receiving the unconditional love of our Multidimensional SELF and and the many higher expressions of our SELF is the compass that will guide us.

Thank you so for responding to this blog. I hope to hear from all of you again. Estrella, will be a frequent visitor to this blog. We have been friends and worked together through many life challenges, as well as shared our many revelations. Isn't that what a blog is for--comfort and sharing??


  1. Hi Sue,

    Zany Mystic here (from BBS Radio...) I just discovered your Blog, and am SO GRATEFUL for hearing you reflect what I've been going through, which at the 3D level feels like hell! You are so right, and this beautiful "reminder" is of great value and help to me personally at this time. Many Thanks! I posted a link to my Facebook account, and to my group, Awakening Cosmic Consciousness. Okay, that's a shameless plug! LOL.

    Lance (Zany Mystic)

  2. We must be living parallel lives....sounds hauntingly familiar.

  3. Thank you Sue ! -- for holding this space and dimensionally-contextualizing something that often feels to me like a crisis. This last month was the hardest one so far for me and it is also pushing the envelope on my 3-d housekeeping. I keep noticing when the fear/anger vibration has taken over and choosing 'reset' without a clue what that is except surrender to something more connected to life and affirming and accepting of myself. I really was unaware of self-hatred as an unconscious lower chakra vibration hiding in my fields. Reading your books on the Unconscious and Violet Flame have helped alot!

    I think I am having a bit of a loss response about the floating years where I didn't even see the dust on the floor or the old boxes in the basement. I appreciate hearing from others about how they are consciously integrating higher energies with a functional personality. what do you do for fun?
    Rotate my merkaba!



  4. When I was younger, i used to play Canasta. In that card game, you would take two cards and discard one of them. I think our return to SELF is much like that--we have two steps forward, then take one step back. It also appears that just when we have a great revelation, we suddenly take a nose dive into our subconscious. Well, of course, as when our consciousness expands higher into our higher SELF it also expands deeper into our subconscious ego. However, even with two steps forward and one step back, we still move forward. Then one day we don't need to take steps at all, as we remember that we are already there! That will be cool.