Friday, September 25, 2009

Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Dear Friends and Readers,

We are in the midst of a complete planetary transformation in the NOW! I have been writing about this transformation since 1999 in my website I have just published my new site My first idea for starting this blog was because in the process of writing Multidimensional News, I have had many interesting experiences to validate the message I have been receiving from the Arcturians. However, I did not want to put them in the newsletters, as i wanted to keep the message from the Arcturians pure. Hence, I am starting this blog.

I feel that we are ALL awakening to our true Multidimensional SELF NOW. Because of this, we are experiencing major shifts in our consciousness in our daily life. Our greatest and most important challenge is to release all fear and choose to live in love--unconditional love. This is no small challenge, as fear continually knocks at the edge of our consciousness, threatening to pull us back into our old reality. In order to continue to choose to consciously experience this wondrous moment of accepting and experiencing our transition into fifth dimensional Earth, we need to become a Master of Energy.

Our Energy is the sum/total of our thoughts and feelings, how we hold them in our consciousness and how we express them into our changing world. I found that one of the main things to remember is to "Believe in my SELF" -- that is my Multidimensional SELF who is also knocking at the edge of my consciousness. Fortunatly, I can tell the difference between my Soul/SELF and my wounded/ego with my heart. My heart fills with unconditional love when my SELF is in charge and constricts when my ego is in charge. Knowing the difference between the two is important, as I want to follow the advice of my Soul and continue to heal my wounded ego with unconditional love.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, our consciousness does not just rise, it expands. This means that whenever we download more light into our consciousness and earth vessels, we move our awareness higher into our SELF and deeper into our subconscious. Hence, old, oh so very old, issues we thought we were long over, return to our reality to be cleared AGAIN! This is when we really need to believe in our SELF. If we don't, we will think that we have done something "wrong," then we will "blame" our self, which will lower our consciousness. It is a good thing that we don't have a lot of issues. In fact, we only have a few issues/problems that we play out in our body and our life in a LOT of different ways.

This summer has been a VERY powerful download of light. Therefore, we are spinning with new information and creative ideas that we "don't have time" to integrate, understand and express. At the same time, we are wondering why, oh why, is this same thing happening to me again? (As well as taking up precious "time" that we would much rather spend on becoming fifth dimensional.) The answer to this plea is that -- once we finish up clearing this life, we move onto our other "past" live (which are all happening at the same time in the NOW of the ONE), as well as clearing these 3D energy patterns of separation and limitation for our dear mother/sister Gaia.

I believe that the key to our return to SELF is in sharing our experiences with others. In that manner, we guard against blaming our self, falling into fear and, worse of all, thinking we are crazy. I spent most of my life wondering if I was crazy--maybe just a little crazy--maybe a lot crazy. Therefore, the only safe course of actions was to keep my "weird" experiences to myself. (By the way, weird is an old Anglo-Saxon term meaning "Spiritual" and "related to fate.") Finally, I KNOW my SELF and I am brave enough to "shout it form the rooftops"--at last!!

So, if anyone wants to shout their "weird" experiences from their rooftop, porch, or even their computer, I am listening. I don't know exactly how this blog thing works, I was just following the directions of my SELF (specifically my Arcturian SELF). If there is a way to answer this blog, I would love to hear from you. You can also email me at

Have a Happy Awakening,
See you in the fifth dimension,


  1. Hi Sue!
    Thanks so much for starting this blog! We are all going through some very intense experiences now and it's great to be able to share what is happening.

    The collective consciousness of fear is so "loud" on the planet right now that I find it challenging to to keep my consciousness above it. I believe that as we come together in community we can strengthen the collective consciousness of the new energy-- and as we strengthen this new collective consciousness based on love, we will all find it easier to attune ourselves to this higher vibration. In essence we really need each other now. That is why I am so very thankful that you have created this forum for us to connect. :-)

  2. It's amazing how powerful fear can be. And since resisting it is a lot of work, people in general just accept it. Facing my inner fears showed me that there is nothing there, just a creation of my own mind. Replacing that fear with unconditional love opens the pathway to spirituality. Now I can consciously leave my body to meet fifth dimensional expressions and enjoy very lucid dreams.

    I can see more and more people awakening around me and it's wonderful to see how consciousness is being synchronized.

    Greetings from a fellow Arcturian.

  3. Good Morning...
    I too am very appreciative of this blog. The collective conscious of 'fear' which is reverberating so loudly at this time, is speaking quite insistently in my personal life and consciousness also. Some uncomfortable 'mirrors' seem to be reappearing, much to my distress, since I was absolutely sure that I had released that 'stuff' and moved into the 'higher consciousness'. I am currently telling my ego to chill-out...this is a continuously escalating experience of human-beingness. Much to my dismay, the battle between my ego and my heart continues.
    In meditation it is quite exhilarating to experience the multi-dimensional consciousness, however I am immediately humbled when I interact with others and start to feel emotions which have become quite unpleasant. It is so very easy to fall into judgment of others/self and out of the unconditional love 'space' which is my preference. I've chosen to love myself anyway as I continue this wonderful journey with all of you.
    Much gratitude for sharing your wisdom and creating this space for even more synchronicity.

  4. Hi,

    Just got the newsletter and am very grateful for the affirmations. I did a Psychodrama/emotional release workshop last weekend and it has helped alot with my integration process - expressing emotions (horror in my case) through sound opened up some internal spaciousness.

    I have been craving seaweed lately and know there is a connection between mineralization and lightbody integration. So I would like to share a receipe to inspire others to indulge:

    Fresh (or soak dry) Wakame seaweed (or other long strip kind) - fully rinsed from salt
    crushed walnut halves
    seeds of half-to-whole pomegranate
    7-10 cherry tomatoes halved
    chunks of goat cheese (black peppercorn if you have)
    garlic chives/stems (pickled if you have) and/or green onions

    sesame oil (organic)
    balsamic vinegar

    side or for croutons - rice chips

    Thank you again!


  5. Thank you everyone for posting your comments. There are very helpful. I am new to the blog scene, so i didn't respond before. It is such a wonderful thing to realize that there are others who are sharing our new reality, isn't it??

    Thanks again, and please, keep on sharing--with everyone. I used to think that i was alone in my experiences and had many fearful breakdowns around "coming out" through my multidimensions site.

    However, the Arcturians were going to nag me until I did, and as i have always found when i listen to and act upon my higher guidance: First it stirs up on the much in my aura, Then it frees me and makes me clearer than ever.
    Thanks again,

  6. Hi Sue, I guess I'm what you would call a late bloomer. I have just found your blog a few months ago and I have decided to read it from the start. I must say that a lot of what you wrote then has a valid relevance NOW. In searching for many years answers to experiences I have had many spiritual and religious traditions were explored. All these would only touch the surface of any type of explaination. I never drew the ET connection to all of this, even when I knew a certain cloud has a presence to it, I would jokenly think that I was on some strange head trip. I am here now with an open mind and an open heart. Recently, I have had eye surgery and the other night, with my eyes shut, I could still see. Often I would check to make sure that, indeed my eyes were shut and yet I could still see around me. A female voice declared that she was proud of me. A male voice declared that "the karma debt is great". I'm not sure what all this means.

  7. wow, Gwen replied last year from your now 3 year old post and I am doing the same, nothing is old. I feel I had to do that too, wanting to know where you started. I had that feeling too, before, I was "weird" or others would say "I am too deep and they can't comprehend" even if I am not actually saying anything, just my "being" gives that remark. I had this voice telling me, someday, somehow, I will prove to you there is a reason for this. I will be working on to get the courage to be open wih what I believe in. as always, love to you Suzanne.