Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Fall of Atlantis

 January 13, 2021

                                                     THE FALL OF ATLANTIS

"The Fall of Atlantis" was the ending of one civilization and, eventually, the beginning of another civilization. It is important that we call remember that every civilization has a beginning, a peak, and a fall. 

It is the "fall of a civilization" or at least any great changes that occur in a civilization that forces the inhabitants of that reality to leave where they are or adapt to the new reality that is beginning.

The change of any reality affects all the beings, humanoids and all the different members of that world to change. Changing can mean that something is getting better, or it can mean that something is getting worse.

When things are getting better via the change, that civilization has the opportunity to go into their version of a "Peak Reality." 

A Peak reality is a reality that has been able to find, and to maintain, at least for a while, a world in which there is peace, happiness, growth, and most important, to move into a higher states of consciousness.

Just as a pool of water will have warmer and cooler sections, a realities "state of conscious" will also have "warmer and more peaceful" times as well as "colder and more challenging" times.  Both peaceful and challenging times offer the opportunity for the member of that world to expand their consciousness.

All humans, as well as other beings, have a "state of consciousness." When their state of consciousness is moving upwards in terms of their ability to look up to find what they need. This "looking up" required the feeling within the beings that there was something, or maybe even someone, who had a higher vision of reality and the ability to remember their own higher expressions of SELF. 

These people may not have called it their "higher expression of reality," but they did realize that there was something or someone/some being that was of a higher consciousness and a great ability to do what was needed to assist that group of people to experience peace, joy, love and/or happiness.  

On the other hand, when people have not been able to experience love, happiness, peace,  joy and a sense of knowing that they are safe and can find a way to be happy and to protect their loved ones.

When humans do not feel safe, and do not feel that they can protect their loved ones, they can get sad, as well as angry.  If these sad and frighted people do not get the attention that they need to be able to make their way through challenging situations, they can become very angry and too often, they can become very violent.

The story of Atlantis is that their entire civilization fell out of sink with the needs of the people, the land, the sky, the water, and the sky. It was always  meant that the humans would be the caregivers of the planet, but many humans became lost in their own sorrows, challenges and loss of jobs, creativity, fun, purpose and worse of all, lost from the own Sense of SELF.

As long as humans can have a good sense of self, they can trust themselves and feel brave in their challenges of life. This bravery allows a person to remember that they are able and willing to assist others who are not able, or maybe not even willing to help themselves. However, most  humans need to be connected to other humans. 

And when a human knows that they will always help others if it is at all possible, they will know that others will be there to help them. They know this because they have be awake enough to know that,"energy out is energy back?"

Therefore, if they give to others, then they will feel that others will also give to them. Some times this "giving" is just a conversation, a hug, some laughter and some fun. And always love, unconditional love, makes others, as well as the giver of the unconditional love, feel safe and important. 

Feeling important to others allows one to know that they are not alone and because they care for others, they know that others will also care for them. Caring, and love, are circles that continue to go round and round, getting bigger with every cycle. It is in this manner that love can grow, and even grow bigger and stronger that fear or sorrow.

Within this NOW there has been too much sorrow and fear and not enough love and confidence in themselves, in others, and in their very society. 

Did Atlantis regain it's great statue? Or, did it fall forever? It is difficult to answer that question as it happened so very long ago. However, some people remember enough to know that Atlantis was a teacher. Atlantis taught the people that "energy out was energy back."

Therefore, when they put out fear, anger, sorrow and hate, what came back was more and more fear, anger, sorrow and hate. Can we, the "modern humans" remember that release the fear, anger, sorrow and hate so that they can remember that the antidote to those hurtful thoughts, feelings and actions, is to go DEEP ABOVE and DEEP INSIDE to find your own Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF!

If we could all remember Atlantis, we could all remember what was learned and how we learned to release the fear and fighting to join together to remember how to live in Love and Light!

Perhaps we can all learn together !                  

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  1. "The Fall of Atlantis" itself was fictional, but the story of its demise was inspired by an actual historical event.

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