Friday, November 13, 2020

The NOW of Great Change

 November 13, 2020

                          THE NOW OF GREAT CHANGE                                                                                 

                     A message From the Arcturian's and all The Galactics 

                                                        through Suzanne Lie


We, the Arcturian's, as well as all your Galactic Family members send our greetings to all of you who are walking through this NOW of great change. Of course, it is often difficult to know when that great change will occur and what the next "great change" will be.

Fortunately, whether our grounded ones are aware of it or not, we the members of your Galactic Family, are sending love and to all of you within you. We send our Higher Dimensional Love, Light and Information directly into your thoughts and emotions. 

It is via our higher dimensional Light and Love, that we wish to remind you that we, the Arcturians and our/your entire Galactic Family, are with you during this NOW.

Fortunately, it appears that some decisions have been finalized, which will make it easier for you to take a deep breath, get grounded, and feel the Hope and Joy that is flowing through your consciousness, thoughts and emotions.

Of course, your consciousness, thoughts and emotions often work as a team. When one's emotions are confused, upset and/or erratic, it is difficult to relax into the NOW of the coming changes. 

Fortunately, many of you, are actually our grounded Galactic Ones who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel during this now to assist Gaia and her humans and ALL of her planetary beings to move through this challenging time with great courage and unconditional love for Gaia and all Her Beings.

The saying, "The darkest night is just before dawn" is often a preamble to remind Gaia and all Her Beings to answer the call for Unconditional LOVE and Multidimensional thinking will allow Gaia and Her beings to expand their/your awareness  of the DEEP inner Wisdom, Power and LOVE that ARE within your true SELF.

There are many possible realities that have not been within the NOW wish is being brought forward into your full awareness of Life on planet Earth. We, your Galactic Family, are happy to share with you that this "cloud" seems to be floating away and offering you more Warm Sun and Clear Skies.

There may be more of the "dark night before the dawn," but the "Dawn" seems to be promising "better weather."  With the coming dawn and clearer skies, it will be easier for you to look up into your own Higher SELF to receive a bit of R and R--Rest and Relaxation.

When one is under a constant barrage of "what will happen next," it makes them nervous, tired, and upset for reasons that they may not yet understand. Therefore, we you Galactic Family, wish to commend you all for your courage and ability to remain "in charge of your self" through our the turbulent skies that now seem to be opening up to reveal New Hope!

We, your Galactic Family, wish that we could send you exact times and dates as to when the Dark Night fully transmutes into the Clear Dawn, but if you take a bit of your "time" to go inside of your own Higher SELF you will receive the Faith, Hope and Love that is within your SELF and is ready to open your awareness to the New Dawn.

Of course, every Dawn is now, but not every day has been filled with fearful information, loss of jobs and income, not being able to "just go out into the world, or a movie house, or a restaurant" without feeling like you are doing something that can harm you or your loved ones.

Unfortunately, the skies are not fully clear within this now, and security in ones life has not, yet, been retrieved, but you have all learned how STRONG and PATIENT you can be when you are in a difficult situation, with a constant fear that you will be harmed, or that you are not protected by your leaders. 

Of course, there were, and ARE, many leaders, along with many, many of the people who have been strong and brave in the midsts of such insecurity and lack of guidance from those who you thought you could trust.

We, your Galactic Family, have been Over-lighting you through out this challenging time. Of course, you who are wearing a third dimensional body, have had to make many compromises to protect your homes, your jobs, your health and your family and friends. 

We, your Galactic Family have watched the great bravery that our grounded, human ones who chose to take a third dimensional body during this NOW have had to face. 

Please, feel the great courage and inner power that you have found inside yourself within this time in which there was little assistance from some of the most important leaders. However, where some leaders fell behind, there were strong, brave, loving leaders and members of your own community that gathered as one to confront a very challenging time.

We, your Higher Dimensional Galactic Family, are VERY proud of the many Third Dimensional Humans who stood tall and worked hard to move through the immense challenges that they have faced, and are still facing. 

We commend you all, Dear Brave Warriors for Gaia, and wish to remind you that 

                                                    YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND

                                    WE, YOUR GALACTIC FAMILY ARE WITH YOU!

                                                CALL ON US and we will respond! 

                       REMEMBER, and call on your own HIGHER DIMENSIONAL SELF!

 YOU are ALL Gaia's Family, and YOU are ALL invited to transmute your SELF back

                                         Into your True MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF 

In closing, we remind you to look into the Sky, 

to see we, your Galactic Family, looking back at YOU!

                                             WE ARE YOU AND YOU ARE US

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  1. Thank you very much dear Sue and Galactics for this loving, wonderful and encouriging message!!!!! I love you Alll!!!!