Friday, July 17, 2020

Pay Attention Inside! Part One

"Pay Attention Inside!  Part ONE"

A conversation with the Arcturians and the Pleiadians 

     through Suzanne Lie and Daniel L 

You will find this You Tube message at:
          Part Two will be posted soon.

In the meantime, perhaps you may wish to 

"Pay attention to what is going on inside your self." 

If you wish to share what is going on for you, 

Please do so in the comment section.  

               It is the Now for ALL Humanity to 

pay attention to 

 and communicate with 

  your own Higher SELf! 





  1. Thank you for your kind advise. I believe that Pay Attention is synonym of be present here now, the only way to connect with our Higher Selves.
    Always!!! Blessings!!!!!

  2. Love your R(EVOLUTION)ary emails and blogs SO MUCH...!
    such Stellar advice.....!!! have realized the sisterhood and brotherhood of LIGHT are within me...and an especially "easy" way to connect with them is through alternate nostril breathing...

  3. ..really, "Sisterhood" & "Brotherhood" bc They are STELLAR and "deserve" "Capitals" lol