Saturday, June 6, 2020

Becoming ONE Through Suzanne Lie


Becoming ONE

Through Suzanne Lie

We stand at the end to see the beginning 
And dream of an Earth where ALL life is winning

No one is hungry and no one is poor 
No one is greedy and no one wants more

We dream of an Earth where the land and the sea 
Become ONE with people, like you and like me

On this Earth we are ONE
With the rocks and the trees 

And commune with all nature 
Through the land and the breeze

We open our senses to dear Mother Earth 
Who offers a platform where we can know birth

This birth gives us form in a world filled with mystery 
And offers a theater where we create history

But history is ending, the future is NOW 
We know we’re a planet, but don’t know quite how

Something inside us remembers a deal
We made long ago, before we were “real”

We didn’t have form 
As we soared through the sky 

But wanted a body 
And didn’t know why

An urge deep inside us 
Called from our Being 

For a “place” that had “time” 
For hearing and seeing

A place we could learn, and a time we could grow 
And share our true Spirit, with “others” we’d know

The concept of “others” was new to our “ONE” 
We had not known a planet, or even a sun

Together with Gaia, the heart of us all, 
We entered a form, and began our great fall

We fell from the heavens, and landed right here 
To remember our love, and learn about fear

Now we’ve learned what we need, and feel quite complete, 
Our memories are gathered, some bitter, some sweet.

 Now, together we journey, Deep, deep inside 
Where only the TRUTH lives, With nowhere to hide

We know that this journey, that starts will NOT end 
And that is the message, that we will all send

Awaken, dear Spirits, adventure is here! 
We can ALL live in Love, and release ALL our Fear

If we open our hearts, and let the TRUTH IN 
That’s all we need do, so it can begin

And what will begin, we are not quite sure 
But FEEL it is Loving, And KNOW it is Pure

For with our hearts open 
Our “feeling” and “knowing” 

Projects the reality 
Our Beings are showing

“Our” Beings are many 
For together we stand 

The people, the creatures, 
The sea and the land

For NOW, we remember, we chose to come here 
To call in our Soul/SELF, who resides beyond fear

Our Soul/SELF we ground, into the Great Mother 
To return to the ONE, where there is NO “other”

Then people and planet, Will all Become ONE 
As TOGETHER our Light will outshine the Sun!

Blessings from your Galactic Family