Friday, August 16, 2019

What is Our Future--by Steve Beckow and shared by Sue Lie

What is Our Future?

An Article by Steve Beckow 
and shared with you via Suzanne Lie

 If I were addressing the whole world and telling everyone what I regard as going on right now, what would I say? Well, I'd begin by saying that, every inhabited planet bound by time goes through cycles. Where we are in our cycle is important as it is what is causing all manner of activity throughout the galaxy and beyond.

We're at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Some call ours age now “The Age of Aquarius.” Others call it the Sat Yuga, or Age of Truth. Many call it the New Age and a new age it is. 

This new age is marked by a transition from one dimension of density and consciousness to another of less density. In other words, we're transitioning from the Third Dimension of consciousness, with its attached Fourth-Dimensional astral world, to the Fifth Dimension of consciousness.

This shift involves raising the overall vibration of the energy fields for humanity and for our world. This shift brings higher-dimensional settings that were formerly inaccessible, into view. 

We can still access the Third Dimension, but we can also now access the Fifth  Dimension and even higher.

This shift is accompanied by a gradually-increasing feeling of lightness, more moments of love, and a desire to do a good deed.  The populace is slowly perking up and picking up as if the pause button were released.

On the other side of things, there are people whose identity is based on behavior patterns like resistresent, and revenge, as Werner Erhard called it. For these ones, the call to experience more love may not be a welcomed one. 

Instead, it may raise fears of letting down their guard, needing to accept others, and take risks that they may not be willing to make. They may refuse the invitation for ascension and, if they do, we will know that their future has been well provided for. 

It will Not in some version as hell. No, they'll continue on in another Third Dimensional setting much like this one was. That is unless they've committed heinous crimes. 

They'll have more chances to ascend in the future. If they've committed heinous crimes, then they attract to themselves the same future on the dark planes of the astral world that they would have in any lifetime. But again no roasting in hell and no perpetual suffering.

They can leave that dark and dank place any time they forsake harming others and embrace compassion. They will also place their emphasis on rehabilitation and learning, and NOT on punishment and repression.

At some point, and this too may be gradual, there will be a time of separation. In fact a separation of timelines, as Adamu the Pleiadian called it. In Fact, that may be happening now, but it will be a gradual shift. 

For the ones who choose to go on, well, it's hard to describe life in terms that the average person might understand or accept. Would you believe me if I said they live in complete love and bliss under all circumstances, forever and ever, amen?

And yet I've visited the higher planes - and they do live in complete love and bliss such as the vast majority of us have never felt or seen. But we will. That's what ascension will bring. That is the end of this journey.

We aren't doing this ascension alone. Civilizations from this and other galaxies are around the planet in cloaked spaceships. These Galactics are keeping Gaia from spinning off her axis, removing depleted uranium from the air, cleaning up chemtrails, sealing off Gulf-of-Mexico oil spills, preventing nuclear weapons from exploding, and helping humanity to succeed in pulling out of Third-Dimensional density.

They'll introduce themselves when the deep state stops making war on them.  Not that it harms them, but it could result in collateral damage to us, at the hands of the deep state.

The unraveling of that same deep state is happening as we speak. The plethora of legal cases we're hearing about is no accident. More are coming revealing our world's top leaders to have been involved in unspeakable crimes. Not a subject for an introduction to what's happening in the world. 

As our vibrations slowly rise, we'll experience some mass phenomena, some global "Aha's!" and moments of mass uplift. But, apart from that,  the ascent should be gradual. This process has to be so we don't wear out this body or its parts. It is also gradual to give us time to assimilate what we live in the peak moments of each NOW.

There's nothing to do, and there is a lot to do. The script for ascension is written; it's the Divine Mother's Plan.  It will occur whether we do something or not. However, more may ascend if we "do something."

The first and most obvious thing to do is to inform others of what's happening right now. 

Then there's all the work: 

To revive and rehabilitate the world, to clean up the planet. 

To restore its poverty-stricken millions to a decent lifestyle, 
To make Medicare available for everyone around the world, 
To remove the unfair debt burdens from countries, 
To purify drinking water, banish disease and more!

Roll up your shirt sleeves and dig in. You'll be doing the Divine Mother's work. This is one generation whose efforts will produce results.

The world we enter when we ascend into the Fifth-Dimensional world, which is in the words of Werner Erhard: 

“A world that works for everyone.”

We're just bringing that world into being sooner than we thought. Some are calling it "Nova Gaia" and "Nova Earth." 

Whatever name is used, that where we're headed.
That is our future.

Article from Steve  Beckow

Shared with you through Suzane Lie


  1. Thank you!!!! very much!!!!
    And blessings!!!

  2. This was a great article. I appreciate your sharing this with us all. It does feel good to perceive that there are those beings in Starships who are helping to combat some of the destruction that is done by the deep state...and corrupt people in general. I see chemtrails in our skies and have worried what detriment they will be on our planet and our waterways; it is good to hear, once again and from another source, that there are Those hard at work to clean them up and prevent them from causing the damage they would if left unattended to. Thank you for allowing this information to be printed and to be sent out to people like me who are listening. I am always listening.

    1. Thank you for sharing this article. So helpful!

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  4. Beautiful message, thank you so much! ♥♥♥