Thursday, August 16, 2018

Within This NOW--A Poem--Suzanne lie


Within this NOW - I am here
Within this NOW - I have NO fear

Within this NOW - I remember cheer
I remember NOW  - To just be here

To know that I’m - Within the NOW
Reminds me that - I still know HOW

How to BE - in love and light 
And how to master - all my fright

Within this NOW - Is good for me
To remember that - My Soul is Free

Free to be within the NOW  
Free to see I do know HOW

How to BE within this NOW 
How to know I still know HOW

To let the fears and sorrows Go 
To hold the love and let it flow

The flow of love can fill the NOW
To remind me that I still know HOW

How to be within the ONE 
How to fell my Inner Sun

The sorrow and the fear is done 
When I am deep within the ONE

Within the ONE 
There is NO time

Within the ONE  
My life if Mine

I am the master of my life 
And remember how to Love all strife

Love it FREE 
To Let it BE

The teacher that 
I cannot SEE

I cannot see this inner ME 
I cannot know who it will BE

But in the NOW 
I remember HOW

To BE the ME 
Who sets me FREE


Suzanne Lie