Saturday, February 7, 2015

Being Lightbody -- Messages from the ONE


Being Lightbody

Message from the ONE

Dear Readers,
I was re-editing the Jaqual story for my upcoming book, “The Journal.” For some reason, maybe because I was ready, this short message was highlighted in my attention. I copied it and pasted it into its own file and read it again, and again and again…

Sometimes an extraordinary message of light that is hidden in mundane life can be recognized. When this occurs, it is best to store that message in our High Heart so that we can hear it again and again.

Perhaps, you may wish to store this message in your High Heart, as this message is for everyone who can recognize it.


Dear ONE,
Turn around inside your mind to look into your higher frequencies of SELF.

Imagine that you see a long tunnel of light.

Walk calmly into that Light.

At first you may see only the darkness, as darkness is the area of your SELF, you have not yet explored.

Be still within the darkness.
Make that darkness your friend.

That darkness is just a component of your consciousness that has not YET fully awakened.

As you bravely feel the darkness all around you, look inside to find your own speck of light.

You will find that light within you heart, nestled in the love that you have for your people and the love that they have for you.

Feel the warm comfort of this love and allow it to slowly illuminate that darkness with its ever-expanding light.

Remain detached as you observe how this light emanates from within your own core and expands beyond your form to enter your tunnel of light.

The tunnel was once too black for you to perceive, but NOW you have changed it into a golden glow.

As that light fills you, your body shifts from its dense physical form into your formless Lightbody.

While you stand within your Lightbody, within the tunnel of light, find the PEACE within your heart that is necessary to maintain the frequency of your Lightbody.

When you go back into the Matrix, your best tactical advantage is to remain in constant connection with your Lightbody SELF who infinitely over-lights you.

You are NOT your physical form.
You are wearing your physical form.
YOU are your Lightbody.

Do you feel this TRUTH within your heart?


“Yes,” you answer. “I do feel that TRUTH.  
I also feel my Lightbody over-lighting me.”


Our One, while you feel your Lightbody over-lighting you, slowly release “time” and return to the NOW of the fifth dimension.

With practice, you will learn to shift your consciousness from your physical self into your fifth-dimensional Lightbody SELF.

Then you will have the experience of “being” your Lightbody over-lighting your physical self.

Can you do that now?


I tried and tried to move my consciousness into my Lightbody but could not do so. Then, I felt a gentle touch on my body between my heart and throat. This touch was on my High Heart.

At first, I barely felt the touch, but the light increasingly grew warmer and warmer until it actually became hot. I was about to pull away from the heat when I felt a deeply euphoric sensation.

Suddenly, I was inside my Lightbody.

Oh, what a glorious feeling. I have no idea how long I had this feeling, as I was clearly resonating to the NOW.

While in my Lightbody I gradually became aware of a dense form that was under my care and protection.

The form beneath me seemed very small. When I looked into the form I could see a few health issues, which I instantly repaired.

I remember wondering what it would be like to wear such a small, dense form when suddenly I WAS the small dense form.

“NO,” I said out loud, as my eyes flew open to see the etheric image of a wise, smiling face.


“Very good,” I heard a whisper in my mind. “With practice you will remember how to experience both your Lightbody and your physical form within the same NOW.

“We have come to you to remind you to complete our Mission, the mission that we chose before we sent our essence into a physical form to BE you.

“Complete your Mission NOW, as it is greatly needed.”


My brain wanted to come out of the meditation, but I felt my Lightbody over-lighting me and telling me that I must complete my mission NOW.

It took great concentration for me to keep my eyes closed, trust my SELF, trust my instincts and release my attachment to my 3D form.

I felt fear wanting to invade my experience, so I surrendered the fear into the Light to transmute it into power.

I was wondering how I knew how to transmute fear in that manner when I heard/felt my Lightbody say,


“We just told you how to transmute energy, but you must be connected to us in order to be free of time. Transmutation takes too long while your are surrounded by time.”


I was so enthralled by the concept of being “free of time” that didn’t register that I was actually communicating with my own Lightbody. I had heard of that type of communication, but it only occurred after decades of study.


“We do not have the liberty of time,” spoke my Lightbody.


In a flash, I was free of all time and surrounded by my Lightbody. Oh the feeling of being Lightbody was almost more than my physical form could contain. I felt myself begin to leave my physical body when, instead, my Lightbody left me.


“No,” I heard a voice say from above me. “It is not your NOW to leave your physical form. You are needed to complete your Mission.

“Feel us, your own Lightbody, hovering above you in a higher resonance. You can do so by imaging that we are above your head.”


I obeyed my instructions and imagined my own body of light, MY Lightbody, over-lighting me while I remained fully connected to my physical form.

It was a great sacrifice to belay my experience of being that Lightbody, but I knew that my people needed me.

I had no idea how long it would be before I could return to being inside my Lightbody.

However, from then on I could always feel MY Lightbody over-lighting me.

Perhaps we can ALL hear this message if we listen with our High Heart

(Have YOU heard any messages you would like to share?)


  1. dearest friend i love re membering with your channellings.. i am greatful. thank you. i ve always had colors intiution love but i am still cleaning in a very linear way!!! i am almost over with it !!

  2. om we are one ..
    ITAL. translation from Blog , Site and ,if you are a student,from MDL School
    see last posts .thanj you

  3. Perhaps, it is time we start connecting with our lightbody? Or, it is time that we begin REMEMBERING we have already completed the connection? Don't know. Sandy and Jason's completion of their lightbodies just comes across my mind. And I can almost hear my lightbody asks me "Do I really feel tired?" when I yawn, since if we get our lightbodirs online, we would never feel tired. Fatigue is simply a habitual illusion. Maybe I make too much out of it. Hmm...stay balanced.

    1. I am totally with you on the permanent Lightbody.

  4. Often in meditation I feel a love so great, overwhelming that I feel that I could melt into it. At that time, I am simply disengaged. Now I understand why.
    Thank you Suzanne!
    Translation into Romanian:

  5. om yes compliments !
    !i (after lives of study)do resonate..
    wonderful to find beings sensitive like you in a hell of lost ones!!
    your pressure has helped my LIGHTBODY and KUNDALINI in the last days .i must be true and admit it even if i prefer to be indipendent always.thank you for helping me to manifest unityconsciousness,,
    yes i am having mainly flashes also long ones :they:kundalini.lightbody say :
    om feel me (they perceive them as one in the ONE) let me help you
    remember:i/we always one with you ,it is you who chooses other objects of attention/concentration, where you focus there you are
    i/we appreciate your lower 3D self willingness to be helped and reconnect ..
    be patient
    persistent constant as much as possible
    love can bridge fastly the gap between us
    let me guide you let me heal you
    let me show you we are one
    yes i can guide you to Truth and Oneness
    find spend more time and feelings with me..
    feel me reentering you .be deeply well grounded so together we can let the FLOW of the ONE freely abudantly reach Gaia's Core and ALL LIFE
    we are one
    i /we keep a light on for you
    bring gratutude to dr Suzan ,the arcturians ,pleiadians and family

  6. Lightbody and I AM presence. Is that the same Sue ?

    1. I think that question would be answered differently according people's belief about what the I AM Presence it. According to what I have learned/remembered, the Lightbody goes into infinity, whereas the I AM Presence is the guardian just before the Rainbow Bridge to the Void to the fifth dimension.

    My message as my mission is to be like a Cullen planted in the ground with the love frequency that resonate with such power that no fear can lower it, and this intensity of love influence the surrounding and the core of Gaia. Wish me luck.

  8. When I was a child I saw a color full pyramid in the sky. I'm sorry about California. The rain especially was sorry ness.

  9. Hi Sue. Yes i know my Light body is over lighting me. Now my mission is to lead US to the ascension pathway, and i am trying to figure out the best place to start. Kind Regards John