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Gamma Wave Journey YouTube and transcription


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Gamma Wave Journey
Dr. Suzanne Lie & Nuri
January 23, 2015


Suzanne Lie: I am perceiving the Arcturians who are higher me as a kind of Light cloud, could of Light, sparkling Light cloud.  The Arcturian just reached out and touched my heart.  More like a lightning bolt if you understand.  I’m being shown New Earth but it’s very hard to translate it.

Do you want to ask some questions and help me translate it down?  I just know I’m being shown it but it’s not perceptible to my third-dimensional perceptions.

Nuri:  How is the Nova Earth or New Earth perceived through our higher senses?

Suzanne Lie: It’s as if now for me it’s a feeling of a knowing similar to the feeling of a knowing when I am in communication with higher dimensional beings.  I have a clearer vision of myself on the ship because I have written it.  When I’ve written it I’ve run the experience through my 3D mind?  And so therefore my 3D mind is more able to create pictures.

Nuri:  Would you be able to describe your physical appearance on Nova Earth?

Suzanne Lie:   It’s a Lightbody.  It looks humanoid.  It doesn’t have the details of the physical form.  For those details have to do with the construct of that 3D frequency.  Within this 5D frequency everything is flowing.  Right now I’m only calibrated to my Lightbody, so perhaps if I were more calibrated to my physical body I could see more of the rest.

My Lightbody is androgynous. Me, and/or my compliment and I, can choose to have the illusion of separation, but the connection is always continuous. This is much like it is with my husband who is my compliment.  He’s actually meditating right now so that’s interesting.  I’ll have to ask him what his meditation is like. 

So now I’m going back to the image that I’ve already seen of myself.  It’s almost as if I’m on a ledge and I’m still in that dark place – it’s almost as if – the darkness before the Light.  So this place, this threshold, is very dark.  It’s much like it’s midnight.  But we can perceive each other because we can see the Lightbodies.
I’m thinking that one of the reasons why it’s so dark is so that we can get that juxtaposition.  Because it is dark we can better see the Lightbodies.  This place is what we call threshold Earth, threshold Gaia - whatever we choose to call it.

It’s almost like when someone is coming out of a deep pool and you reach down and help them pull themselves out of the water.  So everyone needs to get there on their own, but when they get right to that final ledge – whenever that is – ah, whenever we come to a completion, before that completion we have to go through this final darkness so to speak, just to make sure that we’ve absolutely got everything. 

It’s like when you move out of a house that you’re renting, and I’ve done this twice, and I left a bunch of stuff for them to take care of.  But if we’re selling the house we have to get out every single thing – everything.  So we have to go through this darkest night just before dawn to go into our 3D/4D self and see if there’s anyone left that needs to be assisted, any components of our Birth Contract that have not yet been fulfilled.

I’m hearing that, if we transmute ourselves before some components of the contract are fulfilled, we can fulfill them from a higher frequency.  For the most important thing is for those of us who have had an ongoing physical experience and understand and know and live difficulties of the third-dimensional reality that we are somehow able to move thru that process of Ascension. Just as all the Ascended Masters left behind their journals, their books, their words and their meditations as a road map for others to follow.

I’m feeling my books are one of those things because they bring in everything - the synthesis of my mission.  I’m feeling the ship so much right now.  When I cross, I’m just going to touch in to New Earth, but then I need to take a break on the ship.  That’s what I’m hearing.  I need to go back to the ship for a while.  I need to go to the Mother Ship for a while. Since there’s no time there, or on New Earth, it doesn’t matter.  But this horrible homesickness that I’m feeling, I’m so home sick and it isn’t for New Earth because I haven’t experienced that yet.  I’m homesick for the ship.

Within my Pleiadian and Arcturian self, my Antarian self and even my evolved Draconian self and my Sirian Cetacean self – all of us have been way past being planetary bound.  Once we complete the ascension process, then we move into our mobile expression – the Mothership that hold all of our essence. 

New Earth and Mothership Gaia are the same being. New Earth – fifth-dimensional Earth is not in the matrix, not in the 3D matrix.  It’s not in the star maps of the third-dimension.  It’s not in the matrix, as it’s in this other world.  Oh my God – this other world – wow!  Whew – hallelujah!  It feels really good, really good.  I’ve had this experience of meditation a couple of times and usually need someone to give me a boot up, so thanks Nuri for the grounding field so that I can better explain these other worlds.  They are all within the Now.  There isn’t time, there isn’t distance, and there isn’t separation.

It’s all within our consciousness.  And the ship is our consciousness and we, all the members of the ship, work together to create the package, the thoughtform of the Mothership.  Now I understand what the last articles on thoughtforms and consciousness were about. 

In a way this would likely be some form of gamma consciousness - what I’m experiencing right now. It’s above the theta definitely, but it’s very quiet and I think you had a question about gamma consciousness being stiller and smaller.  It’s very quiet.  It’s all here now. 

Nuri:  Is it the void?

Suzanne:  No, it’s alive.  The void is alive.

Nuri:  Yes, that’s what I mean.

Suzanne:        Yes, yes it’s alive.  But I’m still in that darker place because I still have an Earth vessel and I’m not done wearing it yet.

Nuri:  I would like to ask a question about the threshold.  What comes to mind is that we also talked about this earlier – about that particular moment -  Intersteller the movie where the main character let’s go and dives into the black hole. Is this comparable to that scene?

Suzanne:        Yes, and then he could go into the NOW of his daughter dying.  He could take on a third-dimensional envelope.  From this positon we can take on envelopes if we choose.  And I will return to my envelope and I feel that envelope still.  I’m very much in connection with my envelope because I need to keep it nourished. 

I couldn’t go this long without oxygen.  When I leave my envelope it will be different but I’m not supposed to leave my envelope now.  I don’t want to leave my envelope now.  I like my life.

The interesting thing is that when we come to the point of Ascension we have a great deal of creative abilities and we’re able to create a really beautiful and wonderful life.  So people are thinking,  “Oh I want out of here”.  No wait a second that’s not how you get out of there because you haven’t graduated. 

I can see now from here – oh I can feel the kundalini again – thank you that’s a reminder so I don’t fall back.  You know I think the Theta – the Theta kundalini is where you zoom out.  You know what I’m saying?  The Gamma is where you are within the kundalini.  Does that make sense to you? Because the kundalini is our Lightbody and we are already in our Lightbody. 

Nuri:              Yes

Suzanne:        Theta is a journey. Theta consciousness is a journey.  They call it the Shaman’s frequency.  Delta is the frequency of death and people have died but came back, and they can remember their death.  It’s “log-out” frequency to leave the 3D Matrix.

Nuri:  So would it be correct to say that Theta is when you sit on the observers chair and Gamma would be to like dive into the kundalini and become it.

Suzanne:        Yes, I would say that. And the Delta is where you release your envelope if you are ready to release it.

Nuri:              Yes, okay – your body.

Suzanne:        Yes, you release your attachment to your physical body.  I feel this line.  And I understand what they talk about the silver cord, which is actually your Lightbody cord. It is really a Light cord and I feel it.  I feel that it’s connecting down through the frequencies and into the core of dear Gaia. I don’t know if I’d be able to stay if I didn’t have the love for Gaia.  I mean I’m not young, I’ve had a long life, but I know I’m not done.

Nuri:  I would like to ask something else. You are experiencing the threshold but you are also able to witness the actual transmutation from the threshold to being lightbody?

Suzanne:        Let me tell you what I’m actually experiencing as I’m not sure how to answer that, okay?  What I am experiencing is that I feel this trail.  And I feel this trail inside just, as they always say.  I feel it inside.  I feel my whole kundalini as it has a resonance, it’s not forcing up and down like I usually experience. This time the kundalini is still and quiet.  It’s that attachment.  I have felt myself within that dark place before.  But for me, as I don’t know if this is for everyone, but for me my first yearning and my first connection is the Mothership, I just need to go home to that home first.

And yes that’s what I will do; I’ll go home there and then my next home would be the core of Gaia with the Lemurians.  Yes, that would be like “picking up the fragments” of my SELF. I am hearing that the first ones through will be “doing the editing” so to speak. 

So we get to this state of consciousness and then we need to move back up to the Mothership. Then we can go into the regeneration chamber one more time, and commune with our whole reality there on the Mothership. Yes, then we could feel that wonderful Unity Consciousness that is consistent and persistent on the Ship. We could also live in the infinity beyond time.

Then, when we can experience that feeling very, very deeply. Because we are within our Lightbody form, we can go into the core of beloved Gaia to be with Sanat Kumara. He has returned to assist Gaia’s ascension and to assist the current planetary Logos, Ascended Master Kuthumi.

Beloved sweet, sweet Kuthumi is still there as the Logos and they are working with Gaia, the Lemurians and the Atlantians that were of the higher order that did ascend. They all share their information with Gaia to assist her from her core.  Because Gaia ascends from her crystal core, just like we ascend from our Core, our kundalini.

 Our kundalini is in a straight line because we are an up and down humanoids.  Gaia’s kundalini is a circle within her core crystal because she is a circular being.  She is absolutely a living being who is much more evolved than us. Gaia has completely gone beyond all need of humanoid evolution and even beyond need of evolutions within Motherships etc. She has moved now from the evolution of being a planet. As she ascends she will move into a more galactic state. 

This is interesting information.  Now I’m going to tell you the question that I am having and ask you to ask me, okay? The question that I’m having – okay so if Gaia, the being Gaia, is ascending from her planetary form into her next octave up which is her galactic form, then what is New Earth?

So let me get centered and I’ll have you ask that, okay?  I think I got part of the answer but it helps when someone outside when to ask.  I think this is the longest time I’ve sustained this frequency of consciousness.  Thank you for grounding me Nuri, I don’t think I could have done this without someone grounding me.

Nuri:  Given that Gaia is Ascending from her planetary form to a Galactic form, what is Nova Earth then?

Suzanne:        It’s much like a Space Station.  Just like humanity is moving beyond the confines of Earth and creating space stations, which we have had for a very, very long time.  New Earth is much like a space station.  A space station is a place that you go in between, as space ships that can only make it as far as the space station, and back to Earth, and back to the space station etc. So New Earth is a place for people who can expand their consciousness to 5D Earth and back to 3/4d, than 5D Earth and back, 5D Earth and back to 3D Earth.

Just as, oh this is interesting, just as Space Stations are obsolete to Pleiadian worlds, Andromedan worlds, Sirian worlds because for they no longer need that “in between” place, that New Earth – Space Station Earth will eventually join the Earth’s ascended Galaxy expression.  Oh, I’ve read many places that New Earth would be in a different galaxy, and I couldn’t figure out how that would be. 

New Earth will be in Gaia’s Galactic form.  So the real New Earth is in Gaia’s Galactic form.  The satellite New Earth will be within this solar system, this Milky Way Galaxy. Does that make sense?

Nuri:  It sounded like New Earth is a metaphor, but could you make it a little bit more?

Susanne:        The satellite New Earth resonates to the Milky Way, and it resonates to the position within it usual position in the solar system of physical earth.  Now, it is the same way for Venus.  If you look at the solar system, and you take a picture with your mind of the solar system, you see it as we’ve always seen it.  

Then you observe this solar system with your fifth-dimensional perception and you will see that there is a fifth-dimensional Venus. There will be a fifth-dimensional Earth.  Mars is working on it, as well.  There is absolutely a fifth-dimensional Jupiter. The outer planets -- yes Neptune’s working on it.  Pluto isn’t really part of this whole system, but the Sun is ready to transmute as well.


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