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New Visitors to the Mothership - Part4 A Timeless Journey


New Visitors to the Mothership – Part 4

A Timeless Journey

My dear Arcturian Friends and Family, as I come toward the end of this story I am so filled with human emotion that I can hardly type. I thank you and dear Mytre and Mytria again and again for the wonderful story you have sent to me. As I come to the last chapter, except for the epilogue, I find I am, I don't know, not wanting it to end?

I know that the next installment "Life on New Earth" is waiting to be written, but I already miss you the Arcturian, Mytre and Mytria, Sandy and Jason, the Pleiadian colony, and of course I will miss the Mothership. I can only hope that through living this story that I will begin to fully remember my life on the Mothership.

Please dear friends, help me to remember my (other) life on the Mothership, and I promise I will find a way to integrate those memories into my 3D life. I know that I have not yet mastered my energy field. I still experience judgment for this reality and am suffering many symptoms of transmutation. When we volunteered for this mission we had no idea how difficult it would be.

As I come to the close of this long, difficult, wonderful and educational cycle of evolution I see that my path does not end, but instead escalates into a higher frequency of reality. My impatience has always been a major challenge for me, but I can also see how it has been very useful to spur me on. If I was so impatient for the reality of ascension, then it was my responsibility to do as much as I could to assist in creating it.

Maybe I am mourning that which is not yet over because of my impatience, or maybe I will have to mourn the loss of the old in order to fully create the new. Either way, receiving your story, as I truly did not know what I would write next, has helped me, and hopefully other, to understand what is actually occurring within our NOW.

I will now begin where we left off with Sandy and Jason standing in front of the door to the Restoration Chamber.

Somehow Sandy and I read the name, Restoration Chamber, on the door even though it was written in light language. Sandy's smile reminded me that we were much further along in our process than I had allowed myself to accept. With that thought I heard the Arcturian say, "This chamber will restore you to your true Multidimensional SELF and will erase the limitations you have gathered during your sojourn through the third/fourth dimension."

That statement did not surprise me as both Sandy and I had been feeling a deep change within our core. With that thought I instantly knew that within our core was the same body of light that the Arcturian wore when It decided to take on a form. Inside my heart, I heard both Sandy and the Arcturian agree with me.

Before we entered the Chamber, Sandy and I both turned to see that Mytre and Mytria had joined the Arcturian to escort us into our new expression of SELF. Instinctively we formed a circle so tight that we were ONE being. The power of unconditional love pulled the circle tighter and tighter until I could find no differentiation between us.

At this moment the door to the Restoration Chamber opened on its own. With one final cosmic hug, Sandy and I sent unconditional love and gratitude to our galactic family for the transcendent guidance they had given us. The Arcturian instantly revised our past tense thought by saying, "We ALL infinitely guide you within the NOW of the ONE."

As if that sentence had a force of its own, we instantly found ourselves inside the Transmutation Chamber with the door closed behind us. At first the room was completely dark, so Sandy and I clutched hands to remind ourselves that we were ONE being with two bodies. With that thought we actually became one person to the extent that I can no longer speak of us as "I" or "she" as the two of us had become "WE!"

It was with that unified thought that we saw the first glint of light in the Chamber. Instinctively we walked toward the light, which appeared to move as we followed. It seemed that we followed the light for what would have been judged as a long "time" if we were still in a time/bound reality.

However, we were NOT in a frequency bound by time. Hence, our walk was not through space but through memories. We jointly visited myriad lifetimes on uncountable realities on innumerable timelines, planets, galaxies and dimensions. Since we were free of all limitations of time, we could be in many different spaces simultaneously. The most confusing component of this experience is that we were NOT confused.

We were, indeed, walking through time and space. We observed from multiple points of perspective the many expressions of our beings; both united into one androgynous being, and also separated into male and female units that were sometimes together and sometimes unknown to each other.

Then, the worlds and realities begin to spin around and within us faster and faster. We wondered why we did not become dizzy, but thought it was likely because we were the core of the spin. It was with that thought that the spinning stopped and we merged back into one immense being of light. Either the chamber became much smaller or we became much larger. We were pretty sure it was the latter.

With our increased size we felt like Alice in Wonderland who took the wrong pill. However, we did not want to get smaller again, so we decided to make the room larger. To our surprise, we were nonplused when the size of the room instantly adapted to our thoughts. It was then that we realized that OUR thoughts had changed the size of a room on the Arcturian Mothership!

Could we actually be that powerful? The asking of the question, or the doubt that preceded it, instantly made us smaller and we even began to separate. "NO!" we cried with our joint mind, "We NOW let-go of ALL thoughts of limitation!"

Gradually, as if in a slow-motion film, we began to expand to our larger size, but the room stayed the same. Therefore, we felt ourselves get larger than the room, again like Alice in Wonderland. We were, in fact, in some kind of wonderland, as we could see the many different rooms and areas of the fifth dimensional Mothership. However, the crewmembers and visitors on the Ship could not see us.

In fact, when a few of them walked right through us, we realized that we were resonating to a higher dimensions. "But, the Ship is fifth-dimensional?" we exclaimed with one mind. In response to our unasked question a huge being of light came to us. This being did not even attempt to take on a vaguely humanoid form as the Arcturian had. If we were to name the oscillating and changing shape we would have to say that it (as there was no gender) looked like a living flame or a flash of electricity.

With the beings unspoken response, we instantly understood that it was a “sixth dimensional.” Once we accepted that concept, we realized that these beautiful flashes of life were everywhere buzzing around the Ship like, well, like flashes of electricity. With the mere recognition of this sixth dimensional, we too were flashes of light. We were one flash, then two flashes, and then more flashes than we could count.

We were having such fun that we did not notice that the six dimensionals began to blur form our sight. Instead, we saw what we would have to call “a forum of light beings.” These beings were formless, yet could quickly shift into a vague humanoid form or a non-humanoid form of other crewmembers of the Mothership.

We determined that this shifting of form was their way of communicating with us, as they represented the higher dimensional expressions of all the different members of the ship. In fact, we heard the term Oversoul and somehow knew exactly what that meant.

Again, once we realized and understood what we were perceiving, we were instantly pulled into that experience. Suddenly all the lifetimes we have observed in all the many timelines, realities, planets and galaxies were perceived from the viewpoint of our seventh dimensional Oversoul. We also understood that since we were Divine Complements, two generated expressions of one being, we had the same Oversoul in every reality.

We noticed that usually one of us stayed in the higher frequencies to guide the component of our SELF who took an embodiment. It was only in the realities on the verge of ascension that we took both male and female bodies. We could take that risk of both of us lowering our frequency because we were entering a reality in which the divisions between the dimensions were blurring. In pre-ascension realities, communication with the ONE was much easier.

Therefore, we understood that we did not take a form, but we bi-located into a form. Thus, we were always everywhere. While in a pre-ascension realities it was easier to remember that the rules of the 3D holographic reality were based on illusion. Once we remembered that separation was an illusion of the third dimension, we were able to consciously connect with our Multidimensional SELF.
Thus, we could NEVER be separate from any expression of our Multidimensional SELF, as we remembered that we were ONE being. However, if a third dimensional believed that they could ONLY be in the higher worlds OR the third dimension, they would create that reality with their belief. Hence, in the timeline of that life they would experience the horrible fate of feeling cast adrift on a hostile planet - ALONE. Fortunately, that experience only lasted as long as the third dimension form was alive or until that person awakened.

To our surprise, with the mere thought that our beliefs were powerful enough to create that degree of loneliness, we begin to doubt our experience. Instantly, we began to sink into the lower dimensions of the Mothership. Beyond our control we fell through the wonderful world of the sixth dimensionals, back down through the fifth dimensional frequency of the ship and down, down into a dark place that felt like a dungeon.

In a flash, every lifetime in which we were imprisoned, trapped or kept in any type of dungeon became our reality. All these realities assaulted us at once. The feelings of terror, despair and loss of all hope pulled on our joint consciousness and begged us to separate, so at least one of us could be freed. But who would stay here ALONE, and how could the other one go on knowing that they had abandoned their Complement to such a grim fate?

"NO," we said with one voice. "We will not separate. We are ONE being and together we will find a way to escape this Hell."

In response to our decree a small ray of hope began to emanate from a distant cell. We had separated into two beings. Hence, we remained intertwined with our arms and our minds, as we walked toward the small ray of hope. The door to that cell was of lead, so even though it was not locked it took both of us working as ONE to push the door open enough that we could squeeze through.

With our arms still entwined our female component barely slipped through the opening, but our male expression was larger. Hence, we could only hold hands for the male to barely squeeze through the small space. Once our male expression was through the small gap we held each other so tightly that we felt as though we were ONE. It was then that we heard a weak cry.

We turned to see a small infant alone, naked and likely starving. Together we ran to the infant and jointly picked up the small, half-dead female. We put her between us at our hearts and gave her all the love, light and warmth that we could generate. Suddenly we were free of the prison and back in the Restoration Chamber.

All we could think of was that we had to find the Arcturian so that It could heal the infant female. As we approached the exit of the Restoration Chamber the door flew open. Slowly our eyes adjusted to the light, and we saw the Arcturian, Mytria and Mytre standing before us with broad smiles.

Even the Arcturian wore a smile on that which we assumed was It’s face. However, we barely noticed the smiles, as we were primarily focused on the infant female. Back in our ONE androgynous form we lifted the baby up to the Arcturian so It could heal her.

"No," said the Arcturian with deep love and compassion. "That child is yours and you must go back to care for her."

"Go back?" we questioned.


  1. Oh my goodness what A rollercoaster ride Sue!!!!!! My heart is in my mouth and my brain is miles behind trying to figure this all out............ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love & light
    beverley xxx
    (thank you!)

  2. Suzanne....this gave me HUGE shivers. What a FANTASTIC post!!! Her name is Gaia. Wow. That's all I can

  3. the same page Sue...
    is perfect

  4. Sue, thank you for this and for your heartfelt words at the beginning. I too vacillate between frustration at being here, and (especially this week!) bliss and gratitude for being in human form at this time. THANK YOU FOR REMINDING US that GAIA is the reason we are still here, even though it is frustrating sometimes.
    I am going to spend even more time in nature, loving her, blessing her, thanking her.....healing her and in the process continuing to heal myself as well. This story really helped it hit home that even though she is our Earth Mother, WE helped to create the situation she is in and now I feel just gratitude that I am still able to help. The part of me that wants to rush off to wherever I am from will just have to wait for this part of me to help dear Gaia :)
    Love Robyn

  5. sometimes i just burst out laughing and tearing up reading these...happened again! no need to mourn! be joyful, what an experience what a story. im very thankful, thank you!

  6. Translation in Italian:
    Love to you all,
    PS Always so synchro! Its Amazing! Thank you so much Sue!

  7. Noooo!!! Does it really end there !?

    It's so beautiful and epic how it all came full-circle; kind of expected it to... but please don't let this be the end, Miss Sue ?! :(

  8. There is one more chapter coming up tomorrow. But, as you all know, the end of thing is the beginning of another. The beginning is waiting to be written, but as usual, i don't have the details. I will be interested myself to see what the next book reveals.
    thanks everyone for all your great support. No i have not forgotten "the twelfth floor."

  9. I do not intend to upset anyone reading these comments. I'm sharing my story here because I feel that it can be helpful for all. At the same time I'm trying to understand what is going on within me. I was deeply dreaming last night and around 1:30 am my phone begun ringing.... me and my wife jumped up wondering who in this world would be calling me at that time. Specially because I rarely get phone calls in my cell after hours. Interesting enough when I went to check the number it was unkown. Immediately after opening my eyes I was able to partially remember my dream in which I was being told by Myself (that was standing a few feet away from me) that I was a multidimentional being... Exactly at that moment the phone call came through and woke me and my wife up....we returned to bed and felt asleep again but I could not forget that part of the dream and the pronouced words...I don't remember anything else except the most important and meaningful part to be remembered from the dream me the dream was intentionally interrupted by an unknown call to make sure I did not forget the message given....Sue, after I began reading you books and blogs I'm going through this amazing self transformation...I must express my gratitude for all that is happening within me to your wonderful work, love and compassion .... Thank you so very much!

    1. Richardo,
      Thanks for sharing. One of my main goal with all my writing and this blog is to create a safe place where people can talk about that experiences free of all judgment, and in fact, with loving support.

      Thank you all for sharing,