Thursday, June 20, 2013

Acting AS IF (Awakening with Suzanne Lie)


Acting AS IF
You ARE an Ascended Master

Dear Arcturians,
I do not know where to start. There is so much that appears to be going on inside of me, but the outside world appears to be the same. I feel a deep transformation occurring within me, which is mostly experienced as resistance to all third-dimensional tasks. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have discovered that when I feel the familiar overwhelming sense of exhaustion I can close my eyes and shift my attention from the outer world and into the inner world of my multidimensional SELF.

When I take a short moment to turn around my attention to go inside myself, I am able to consciously experience an instant flow of peace, joy and unconditional love. However, I eventually must open my eyes and return to the dramas and challenges of the physical world. Fortunately, I am also beginning to understand that my earth vessel holds the key to my transmutation into Lightbody.

It is the combination of surrendering into the frequency of my inner SELF and acknowledging the vast knowledge and quantum connections within the subconscious and DNA of my earth vessel that is the key to ascension. I have discovered that I need to go inside to surrender to my every feeling of resistance/ fear while also honoring my physical earth vessel. Therefore, I am asking you to assist me to remember to surrender to resistance/fear while honoring my physical form.

The act of surrendering is a fifth dimensional behavior and the keynote for the inter-dimensional travel of ascension. Once you surrender into that which creates even a hint of fear within your consciousness, you expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension. From that higher perspective, you can perceive yourself as the Ascended Master, which you are when you are within that frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.

Once you hold the SELF concept of being an Ascended Master you perceive your body as a physical form you are wearing. Then, any fear within your physical life is perceived as similar to an infant's cry. Would you run away from a crying infant or get angry at the tiny baby? No, you would realize the infant needs you comfort. Crying is the infant’s only form of asking you to figure out what he/she needs. 

In the same manner, the cellular mind of your earth vessel can only communicate with you via physical sensations and emotions. Once you have remembered to connect your multidimensional SELF to your earth vessel you have the option of experiencing your physical reality through the perspective of your Ascended Master SELF, who resonates to myriad realities in the fifth dimension and beyond.

New Earth is on the threshold of the fifth dimension and serves as the portal between the third/fourth dimensional worlds of time, illusion and separation and the timeless worlds of unity and unconditional love. It is on New Earth that your multidimensional memory will return because you will not be plagued with the many fearful challenges of physical earth.

However, if you have not mastered your heart/mind, your thoughts may create a fearful challenge and fill it with a fearful emotion. This fear-based thought-form will instantly return you to the third/fourth dimension. This relocation of your primary consciousness is not a punishment. It is merely that you create the resonance of your reality with your thoughts and emotions.

Your human form has a long time habit of creating a fear-filled physical reality. You will need to totally release this habit in order to be the Master of your energy field. As we have said, you do not release 3D habits by judging yourself. The final statement of one of your Earthly ascended ones was, "Forgive them for they know not what they do." This forgiveness stems from surrendering into a frightening process. Once you surrender into fear, it is revealed as a third dimensional illusion because your act of surrender has activated your fifth dimensional perception.

From a fifth dimensional perspective you can view the frightening situation as a crying infant. There is something about this situation that is calling for your attention. If you look at the situation as an enemy or something that you dread, you will not give it your attention. You have likely made this choice because you do not believe that you have the ability to deal with this issue in an effective manner.

The truth is that your earth vessel self may not have that ability. Hence, your best choice is to surrender into the situation so that your fifth dimensional SELF can assist you with this earthly challenge. Once you begin to establish this kind of ongoing relationship with your Multidimensional SELF, you begin the process of mastering your energy.

The key to gaining mastery of your energy is in knowing that your physical self cannot master many 3D/4D issues. Therefore, in order to successfully meet the challenge of mastery, you will need to raise your attention, consciousness and perceptions into a higher expression of your SELF. The sequence for this "changing of the guard" from third dimensional to multidimensional is:

·           Consciously acknowledge that this issue is beyond the ability of your physical self to resolve.

·          Surrender into the issue, which shifts your consciousness into the fifth dimension

·           Place your attention on the peace, joy and unconditional love of your fifth dimensional consciousness AND ground it in your physical form.

·          Maintain this state of consciousness with thanksgiving and unconditional love.

·          Perceive the issue through this perspective so that you can remember that every challenge is a component of ascension.

·         From this perspective of your higher expression of you SELF attend, not to the situation, but to the cause of the situation.

·         Surrender into the cause to find the message it is giving you.

·         Listen and act upon that message.          

In this manner, you own that you are the creator of your life. The "crying infant" is your lowest expression of SELF who needs the assistance of your higher expressions. It is through this process of surrendering into a challenge by surrendering into your ascended SELF that you can alter your life.

Most important, you have called to and merged with your own higher expression to identify the cause. Then, acting as your Ascended Master SELF, you unconditionally love the crying "infant" inside the earth vessel and deal with the situation from a higher dimensional perspective. 

We will now address a challenge that all of our wondrous and brave representatives in human form are facing, the transmutation of your physical forms.

Consciously acknowledge that this issue is beyond the ability of your physical self to resolve…
Surrender into the FACT that you are not your physical body. You are WEARING your physical body.

Surrender into the issue…
Close your eyes and turn around inside your mind to connect with your High Heart and FEEL the peace, joy and unconditional love.

Place your attention on the peace, joy and unconditional love of your fifth dimensional consciousness…
Ground this feeling into your physical and planetary body.

Maintain this state of consciousness with thanksgiving and unconditional love…
Repeat as many times as you need “Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.”

Perceive the issue through the perspective of your fifth dimensional Ascended Master…
Repeat again and again “Every challenge is a component of ascension.”

From this perspective of your higher expression of you SELF attend, not to the situation, but to the cause of the situation…
Surrender into your Ascended Master SELF and as for multidimensional cause of this issue.

Surrender into the cause…
Allow the message within the cause of this situation to be revealed.

Listen and act upon that message…


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    with love,
    Stefania Ashtalan

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  4. from alex alfa1
    om om om
    this Message
    exactly what i have experienced and i am experiencing,i mean not read or heard: experience...
    we are very grateful
    cooperation for life Operation

  5. Sue,
    You are to be loved and honored for love that share. You gift to humanity is glorious and I thank you. And yes it home with me like a flaming arrow shot from the cosmos, and got the utmost.

  6. Oh, me too, me too! Love and thanks to you Suzanne. Words are not adequate to express how much you help me. Your messages always provide support and confirmation for exactly what I'm experiencing. I am so grateful that they also give detailed, methodical descriptions and instructions. It still is so very beautiful when such synchronicities happen (even though I know I'm energetically seeking/creating them).

    Love, light and honor to you always,
    Anna Helen

  7. I changed my experience of my identity, about 3 years ago, to Ascended Master. Knowing I'm an Ascended Master is different than experiencing it as true. My experience is at about 95% of the time now!
    First I read Practicing the Power of Now then used E.F.T. to greatly reduce my general fear so I could see more clearly.
    I can't thank you enough for the information on this site. It has helped me to add more depth and breath to this truth.