Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4-17-13 Journey To New Earth


My journey at last
         Has turned into the past
                   As I remember to BE
                All I hear and I see
                                     I look all around me
                                   And feel all I can be
I look to the Sun
         And release what is done
                   It’s not what I’ve lost
                Or how much it cost
                                     It’s about a beginning
                                   And what I am winning
When I start a new life
That is free of all strife
                   I’m remembering now
                When to and just how
                                     To release what is done
                                   And to keep what I’ve won
From lives beyond counting
The lessons are mounting
                   Into a great peak
                Of all I could seek
                                     The seeking and finding
                                   The creating and binding
Comes into the Being
Of my hearing and seeing
                   Higher light from above
                Teaches me how to love
                                     This love seems brand new
                                   And for all that I view
This frequency of
What comes from above
                   Is beyond space and time
                And old reason or rhyme
                                     It’s from people and places
                                   In vast frequency spaces
That resonates of
Unconditional love
                            But my poor earthen vessel
                         Has to struggle and wrestle
                                               With the energies of
                                            What comes from above

This beaming of light
Fills my life with great might
                   But the poor earthen shell
                Is not doing so well
                                     But the experience of
                                   What comes from above
It fills my whole being
And ignites a new seeing
                   This new seeing is one
                That knows something’s begun
                                     With the form I am wearing
                                   And the light its been sharing
Yet, the form that I wear
Is in need of repair
                   For it cannot remember
                To relax and surrender
                                     It wants to work harder
                                   And survive like the martyr
It was taught to become
From the hard work it’s done
                   But that story was wrong
                And has gone on too long
                                     Working hard is illusion
                                   And creates great confusion
The “good person” inside me
So wants to become free
                   But my poor human construct
                Has become lost and so stuck
                                     Since the lesson it learned
                                   Was all life must be earned
It can’t remember to be
The Light it can see
                   For the life we perceive
                Is the one we won’t leave
                                     But as perceptions expand
                                   Past the cares of this land
We remember the light
And release all our fright
                   If we can just listen
                To the love that will glisten
                                     We can focus our mind
                                   On the New World we’ll find
We’ll live this new life
That is free of all strife
                   And find this new start
                As we look to our heart
                                     And remember to be
                                   The love we set free
For this world without sin
Is found deep within
                   Thus this journey must start
                From the core of our heart
                                     Thus the body we wear
                                   Will need added care
For we ask it to shift
So the light it can lift
                   Us free from confusion
                Of 3D illusion
                                     To the frequency of
                                   Unconditional love
Which is free of all sin
And exists deep within
                   But we thought we were bad
                Which made us quite sad
                                     We bowed down and cried
                                   To the ones who had lied
Now our heads are held high
For we remember just why
                   We have come to this NOW
                So we can know HOW
                                     To release the illusion
                                   And clear the confusion
Of what we’ve been taught
For the truth it was NOT
                   This truth we will find
                In the heart and the mind
                                     Of the life we are seeing
                                   Through the ONE we are being
For the life that we make
Is the light that we take
                   And share from our heart
                So a new Earth can start
                                     Since this New Earth’s inside
                                   No one can hide
As we open our heart
We’ll all be a part
                   Of the light that we share
                And the world we repair
                         With determined emotion
                                   We set into motion
Saving Gaia’s great Being
From the fear she is seeing
                   Now we send Her the love
                We have gained from above
                                     From the light that is changing
                                   And now re-arranging
The bodies we’re wearing
And with Gaia we’re sharing
                   While transition surrounds
                All the life that abounds
                                     In the world where we show
                                   All the love that we know
The love that we see
Is in you and in me
                   But we must first let go
                Of all that we know
                                     From the lies we’ve been fed
                                   And the paths we’ve been led
We set free all old paths now
As the light has shown us how
                   To release what is ending
                And embrace the great sending
                                     Of the truth and the love
                                   That’s inside from above
As we remember to BE
All that we SEE
                   A new life will start
                            Where we live from our heart
                                     And we’ll all be ONE
                                   For New Earth has BEGUN!

This new world is glistening into our human perceptions, but we also know that we are not “just human.” We are ALL multidimensional beings who are wearing human earth vessels so that we may assist our beloved planet Gaia to expand Her beingness into the higher frequencies of reality.

We understand that many of us tire from the illusions of the third dimension.  However, if we react to these illusions, we feed them. Then these illusions will become stronger in our perceptual field.

We must remember that, that which we chose to perceive becomes more dominant in our life. Conversely, that which we chose to bless free with our unconditional love is released from the field of illusion that shrouds Gaia’s Earth.

The Earth we experience through our 3D perceptions is filled with fear, anger, sorrow and conditional love. On the other hand, the world we experience through our 5D perceptions is filled with unconditional love, infinite wisdom and power within.

We can entrain our physical heart to the third dimension while we also entrain our higher heart to the fifth dimension. Then, we can perceive both frequencies of reality and decide where we wish to place our primary attention. 

The reality to which we attend is the reality we perceive; and hence, the reality that we live. When we attend to our fifth dimensional perceptions, we place our primary attention on New Earth.

We are not escaping when we refuse to participate in the lower frequencies of Earth. Instead, we are creating a “Collective Path of Perception” the leads to a better life that we can only find within our own higher dimensional perceptions.

Both realities exist, for now. Which reality do we choose to live, and which reality do we choose to visit?

In other words:

The life I AM being
With all I AM seeing
                   Is the course I AM steering
                With all I AM hearing
                                     And the road I AM walking
                                   With all I AM talking
                                                        Is the World I AM revealing
                                                     With all I AM feeling

Life is everywhere and in every frequency of light:

I AM the life I choose to see
         I AM the life I choose to hear
                  I AM the life I choose to speak
                            I AM the life I choose to feel

Therefore, when we choose to perceive the highest frequency of light we:

See the greatest Beauty
         Hear the utmost Truth
                   Speak from the High Heart and
Feel Unconditional Love

Are We Ready To Answer the CALL?

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