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Releasing the Habit of Being Third Dimensional
Dear Ones,
We the Arcturian expression of our many grounded ones wish to assist you in releasing the habit of being third dimensional. This habit, like all habits, is a set of behaviors that originate in your unconscious mind. Therefore, you are not consciously aware of these habitual actions, thoughts and emotions. Hence, you do not know the reason for these habits. To change a habit you must bring up from your unconscious mind and into your conscious awareness. Once you can consciously observe your habit, you can begin to change it.

At first, you may not be aware that certain habitual actions, thoughts make you feel unhappy. However, if you continue to observe when you feel unhappy, you can begin to trace that feeling back to its source. For example, you may not know why you are feeling anxious for quite a while, but you keep observing your self. Then once day, you realize that a certain thought, that used to be unconscious and is now conscious, always makes you feel anxious.

Therefore, you can begin to change that thought by trying to “catch yourself in the act.”
At first it may take several days for you to realize that you are feeling anxius because you have allowed yourself to think in a certain way.
Then, with continued observation, you realize you are anxious because you just had that thought.
Then, you have the “last time” experience, in which you can catch yourself in the NOW of having that thought. But, you cannot change it! This is very important, for you can clearly observe how the type of thinking makes you feel anxious.  
After you catch your self in the act, you can stop the thought just before you have it and transmute it into a higher frequency thought.
Eventually, you will heal yourself of thinking in that fashion and suffer much less anxiety.

The best way to catch your self in the habit of being third dimensional is to be conscious of your third dimensional thinking. Third dimensional thinking is based on time, space, separation, limitation, gender and illusion. This type of thinking brings about many fearful emotions because you are constantly on the clock of what you have to do, how far you have to go to do it, other people that you have to deal with, all the limitations that you must surmount, social gender issues, and myriad illusions. Third dimensional thinking lowers your consciousness and dis-allows you to perceive the amazing reality that is just beyond your limited perceptions.

Bringing the source of your third dimensional thinking out of your unconscious and into your conscious awareness is the same process as releasing habits. Eventually, you must “catch yourself in the act,” so that you can transmute your third dimensional thinking into its higher expression of multidimensional thinking. It is through conscious recognition of the emotions that arise from third dimensional thinking that you can begin your process of releasing that type of thinking.

Third dimensional thinking is largely fear-based, and many fear-based emotions arise from the myriad limitations, loss of personal power and loneliness that arise from it. At first, you may not realize that you are thinking in a time-bound, third dimensional way.  However, you are very aware that you are feeling nervous, anxious, depressed, angry or sad. Instead of asking yourself what outside event initiated these feelings, you ask yourself what thought initiated this feeling. In other words, instead of looking into the illusions of your third dimensional world to find the source of your emotions, you look inside to your own manner of thinking.

If you take a moment to connect with your higher expression of SELF, you can use your superconscious perspective to quickly identify that third dimensional thinking has created your uncomfortable emotions.  At first, you may wait until your emotional reactions to your thoughts are quite extreme. Fortunately, with practice, you will learn to more immediately identify that the source of your discomfort is your own third dimensional thinking and NOT an outside source.

In this way you can realize that most of your emotions arise, not from your physical life, but from the way you think about your life. With this realization, you can begin to catch yourself in the act of thinking in a limited, fearful, separate and/or time-bound manner. This is when you can begin to release your habit of third dimensional thinking, and begin to allow yourself to remember your innate multidimensional thinking. Multidimensional thinking arises not from your third dimensional unconscious brain but from your superconscious multidimensional mind.

Whereas your third dimensional thinking has been trained to use only 3% of your DNA and about 5% of your brain, multidimensional thinking arises from the 97% of DNA that was formerly turned-off. As the higher light from the Galactic Center enters your Pineal Gland and is integrated into your physical brain, the 97% DNA is turned-on and your “whole brain thinking” is activated. With whole brain thinking, the 95% of brain activity comes online to originate your Multidimensional Operating System, which is based on multidimensional thinking.

Whereas third dimensional thinking is based on the illusion of time, multidimensional thinking is based on the NOW of the ONE. With continued experiences of the NOW, you loose time. And, with no time, there is no space. Therefore, there is no separate. At this point you begin to have “NOW experiences,” in which you are ONE with your Multidimensional SELF. In these moments of Unity with the ONE you can perceive and experience higher dimensions of reality.

Within these experiences of being you Multidimensional SELF you begin to understand how YOU have created and chosen to participate in every aspect of your life. As you gradually return to the habit of being multidimensional, you remember how to transmute your habit of being third dimensional into the Truth of being your true SELF. Transmutation is your innate ability to change any experience through raising its resonance into a higher frequency of reality. Raising the resonance of your reality is ascension. As you ascend with your beloved Gaia, you will choose to perceive and participate in progressively higher frequencies of your ascending reality.

Transmuting your reality as it is happening is a rehearsal to remind yourself that you do NOT want to participate in reality in that fashion—or that you do not want to participate in that reality at all. With each rehearsal you identify the reality that you don’t wish to participate in and/or the behavior that you no longer wish to exercise. Each time you catch yourself in the act of behaving a certain way or participating in an unwanted reality, you have an opportunity to look inside yourself as and say, “I AM the creator of my reality. Why did I create and/or participate in that reality?”

There may be different reasons at different times, but if you observe that you acted, or are acting, in an unconscious, habitual manner say: “I AM the creator of my reality and All patterns of resonance are created by my consciousness. My reality, the reality that I AM creating, begins with a thought form, which I created by the thoughts and emotions that I am consciously, or unconsciously, allowing to fill my heart and mind.” This sentence is the key to being able to remain on New Earth.

New Earth is not a place; it is a frequency. It is not your responsibility to experience it; it is your choice. You can only perceive and experience New Earth when you are resonating to a fifth dimension and beyond state of consciousness. These higher states of consciousness are what open your Inner Portal to New Earth. However, whenever your consciousness drops below the fifth dimension, you will no longer resonate to that frequency of reality. Therefore, you will no longer be able to perceive the reality that is always there.

For example, insects perceive and experience the ultraviolet reality. This reality is always around you, and you can easily see the third dimensional insect bodies that are seeing and living in that reality. However, your consciousness and, hence, your perceptions, do not resonate to the ultraviolet frequency of the physical light spectrum. Therefore, you can see the insects, but you can’t see reality as they see it.

At first, ascension will be similar to the insect vision, in that you can perceive New Earth, and others could see your physical body, but they will not be able to see the reality you are seeing until their consciousness resonates to the same frequency. This example is similar to a clairvoyant who can see beings from higher dimensions or a clairaudient who can hear higher dimensional voices. Those whose consciousness is still only third dimensional, can see these people, and may ask them to share the reality their experiences, but they cannot experience that reality themselves.

Fortunately, as your consciousness expands, 
so do your perceptions.


  1. Muito obrigado!
    Thank you very much for the message.
    edson - Brazil

  2. Much love and blessings,
    This is one of the most amazing and practical messages!

    "you begin to understand how YOU have created and chosen to participate in every aspect of your life"

    Feels like in these times we are processing so much, and reflecting on our life and our times here, amazing to think it's all happening part of our process. It's all here as to why

    "Transmutation is your innate ability to change any experience through raising its resonance into a higher frequency of reality.
    Raising the resonance of your reality is ascension."

  3. thanks for this post. i have been doing alot of research on ascension and am finding myself much info (and dis-info) out there. I just started reading this handbook and wonder what you think about it?
    and feedback would be greatly appreciated. namaste.

  4. my dear Sue...
    so many thoughts,words... but just one emotion for... myself,you,humanity,Gaia,Universe...

    because is so real,power,alive...
    because its make me life..
    because it is life...we always searching...
    because it is from our pure hearts...

    ...unconditional love....

    Thank you for being..
    Thanks for everything and everybody in my life...
    in love and light...

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I Love the way you've explained this process and will certainly use this post in helping others along their paths ~ Thank-you, Love! ~ <3 ~

  6. Great information about releasing the habit of being third dimensional.It is provide best ideas for good habits & Conscious living.

    good habits & Conscious living