Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arcturian Teachings 3-16-11


Jefferson: Now, below the eighth dimension, from the fifth to the eighth…do you exist in those dimensions as well?

Arcturians: Yes! We are multidimensional in that we exist in all dimensions.

Jefferson: I see.

Arcturians: The universe is not structured in a horizontal plane. The universe is built of light and energy, which travel in circles!

Jefferson: Oh.

Arcturians: Therefore the outermost circles are of the higher vibration, which encompass and hold what you would say: fetus, infants and young beings within the center of our circle, much like your great beings, the elephants.

Jefferson: Yes!

Arcturians: “Outer” and “inner” do not do our explanation justice, as these terms are bound by space and time. As we communicate, you will see that earthly language is not up to the task of fully understanding the realities of the fifth dimension and beyond. Because of this, we often communicate with pictures and analogies because they ignite your imagination.

Jefferson: Oh, I understand. So, what you mean is that it is not as linear as we may think. However, you will refer to it that way, so we must keep in our minds that it is not that linear.

Arcturians: Yes! That is correct!

Jefferson: Understood! And then, you said: “You, perhaps, lived on the fifth dimension or those dimensions before” and at the same time you referred to something called: “The Akashic Records.” Could you speak on that? What is that, and who runs it?

Arcturians: Alright! First we would like to comment on the word, “before”, there is no before within the one! There is no after!

Jefferson: Oh.

Arcturians: There is only now! We exist in all of realities. We merely choose to pinpoint our attention upon a certain experience.

Jefferson: Yes.

Arcturians: We will now address the Akashic Records. In the center of our circle we have our Planetary Egg. Our Planetary Egg is the womb for new Planetary Beings. Yes, Planets are sentient beings. These beings are not “new,” for there is no time. Instead we mean that these beings that are new to the experience of living in form. This is what happened long, long ago when Gaia chose to create a form within the Planetary Egg. All that exist is energy and consciousness. The egg has an aura, just as each human has an aura. That aura of the egg is called the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension has a type of etheric form.

What we would call the Akashic Records would be much like a frequency net around the Planetary Egg. This frequency net is a mesh, much like the mesh around a microphone. The mesh around the microphone accepts your voice, whereas the mesh around the Planetary Egg instantly stores the etheric patterns that encircle the planet. Humans who have expanded their consciousness enough to perceive the highest sub-planes of the fourth dimension, can read the Akashic Records.

Jefferson: Wow, that is all we have time for today. Do you have any parting thoughts?

Arcturians: We will say one thing, which we can explore later. Humans, who can read the Akashic Records, all have an individual viewpoint and experience of history, which can influence their reading and understanding of the etheric patterns. It is because of this that there are so many stories of Atlantis, Lemuria, WW II and etc. For every story there is many versions for there are many beings with their own attention and their own perception that have read history.

Jefferson: When they have access to the Akashic Records and they get different stories, is that also because there are parallel realities that did happen, and maybe they are focused on that timeline?

Arcturians: What we are saying is that it is quite difficult for a being who is still holding a physical form to receive information without tainting it to some extent according to their own understanding and perception. In order for one to fully understand, let us say the fall of Atlantis, they would have to read, many, many versions, and pull them all together into the ONE that resonates with them.

Jefferson: I see.

Arcturians: Also, there are parallel realities, as each version that is put to thought becomes a reality.

Jefferson: And those parallel realities go into the Akashic records or did those just happen?

Arcturians: If it is put to thought, it did happen!

Jefferson: (laughter).

Arcturians: Do you see the great power that you hold?

Jefferson: Thank you beloved ones for this lovely time.

Arcturians: Thank you!

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