Thursday, December 23, 2010

Message from Gaia

Dear Readers,
I want to take a moment to thank you all for your wonderful support and wish you a wonderful Holiday Season. I know that with the Solstice and the Eclipse, the energies have been VERY intense. I know that i have had a difficult time staying awake to the 3D, as i have have wanted to only be AWAKE to the fifth dimensional reality that i have found, created and share. This 5D version of life on planet Earth surrounds and guides me through the challenges of the great transformation that we are creating/experiencing.

When my consciousness is high enough, i can wear this 5D reality like a warm coat on a cold day. However, over 3D time the comfort of my "warm coat" erodes away, and i gradually, or suddenly, fall out of the NOW of our 5D reality . It is then that i need to reach inside to return to the growing familiarity of OUR expanding fifth dimensional reality. If i have prepared myself in the morning, i can more easily recover that 5D FEEL, but if i am in the midst of the 3D flurry, especially the shopping mania, i just need to hold on until i can be alone and go inside my SELF.When i go inside, i can find the light and unconditional love the the fifth dimension.

What has assisted me lately is a message that i got from Gaia on the last day of my vacation. I awoke with the words, "Dear Children of my Land," in my mind and instantly recognized the unconditional love of Gaia. I immediately went to my computer to "take dictation." What She said was a surprise to me, and it has been a constant anchor to keep me centered during this busy, busy, busy time. This message will close my New Years Eve radio show and go out as a special New Years Day bulletin. However, i wanted to share it with you all now, so that it may be an anchor to you, as well. As usual, i love to hear your comments, though i know you all me too busy to write them at this time.

Again i want to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. I think that 2011 will be a transformational year!! Below is Gaia's message:

Dear Children of my Land,

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother. I wish to speak with you this evening on the last day of my year 2010 to tell you that I AM so Proud to be YOU. Yes, I AM YOU, for dear humans, we are ONE.

You have come onto my body for myriad lives, during myriad civilizations, and NOW you have come to me to live your final physical incarnation. Dear Children, you have done so much to assist me in this, your closing incarnation, so that we may travel Home to our fifth dimensional expression as ONE Being.

We, you and I, have suffered many assaults at the hands of those who could not see the Light, but these assaults are coming to an end, for we have remembered. You, dear ones have remembered, as have I; we have remembered that the “time” has come to “end the game.”

We have come to the completion of the lessons of this frequency and desire to return to our true, fifth dimensional resonance. We long to be within the Oness from which we were born and to live within the unconditional love and multidimensional light of that reality.

Those who have feared the concept of that return have forgotten that they too are magnificent beings of light. Therefore, in these final times of illusionary life, I ask of each of you, my brave warriors, to ease your fist and open your heart.

Fear and fight will feed the dark, whereas love and light will awaken a spark within the ATMA of their hearts.

There is NO ONE who does not have an inner ATMA, a Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love, as it is that which allows a human to maintain a body. Therefore, my brave children, I, your mother, ask that—instead of fear and anger—send to these lost ones the Wisdom, Power and Love that resides within your OWN Three Fold Flame.

As you have learned, that which you send out into my world, will return to you, and me, three fold. Because of this Law, which I know you remember, the best way to assist me now is to Forgive those who have harmed US.

Use your mighty Wisdom, Power and Love to send unconditional love and forgiveness to the ones who have forgotten and cannot remember. As you bless them see my true beauty. Envision my mighty oceans, rivers and streams, my beautiful mountains, vast prairies, lush forest and courageous deserts. See my many life forms of plants and animals as they bask within your unconditional love.

As your forgive these lost ones, please tell them that I, Gaia, hold no remorse for my choices, nor should they. Each of my beings has chosen to play a role in the drama of “Life in the Third Dimension.” Those who cannot awaken are merely those who cannot remember their true SELF. As these lost ones awaken, they shall contribute so much to our planetary ascension, that, at last, they will understand why they have chosen to play the role of the villain.

As we come to the final act of this great drama, we remember the last words of a beloved, yet widely misquoted hero. With his dying breath, he sent forth forgiveness as he said,


Soon “they” will know what they are doing and these ones who have chosen to incarnate, as the villain will need your unconditional love to heal. The higher the climb—the steeper the fall, also reads as, the steeper the fall—the higher the climb.

My dear, dedicated children, I ask in this final turn of illusion that you choose love, for it is only through the power of unconditional love that forgiveness can be sincere.

Let we, Person and Planet, hold these words within our heart and mind,
“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

With these words we use the power of our unconditional love and forgiveness for ALL LIFE to merge the polarities of our third dimensional expression and ascend into the fifth dimensional Unity of the ONE.

The ONE awaits us NOW. Our Return is imminent!


  1. This is so loving and reassuring. It will be an anchor for me. God Bless!! :-)

  2. Hi And Many Blessings... this speaks to my experiences of late too... the "in and out the window" game... seems when I do get distracted into 3D drama/mind set, it is so opposite the normal light feeling, that it quickly pulls me under faster... to experience the unawareness that still remains... I believe I've realized my judgment of it (even if it is a judging of "I'm sad for them) adds to my own submergence. I Am trying to remain focused, as Gaia shared with us, of seeing them as Whole & Light... and remembering that I Am responsible for creating all in my world. Ho'Opononpono (I'm sorry, I love you)...

    Blessings, Merriment, Peace, Radiance, Certainty and Grace are ours.

    With love,

  3. I'd like to add an addendum to the above... and say I'd like to see us ALL (me included) as Whole & Light (as I realize my level of awareness could also be looked on by others more aware than me in the same way (with judgment, sadness etc.) and the Highest Good is us all celebrating our journey, seeing each other as perfectly on our path towards greater understanding and awareness. Probably why that "submergence" increased... as in me judging anyone, I Am judging myself. (I'm sorry, I love you!) tee hee! : ) I AM now cheering for ALL. Yay! Keep going. We're doing great.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. At the beginning of this year I had a dream-vision where I saw myself as pure consciousness. As I looked out from within myself, I saw stars within the void and I became aware that I encompassed, and was, all there is. As I became more aware, I sensed that Mother Earth was within my solar plexus and that all existence was within me and we were all one.

    Shortly after I saw an image by Deb Graves which depicted quite closely what I had seen, at:

    Now, much to my pleasant surprise, your message from Gaia completes the loop. It is the perfect closing message for the year.

    With Love, Vello

  5. Beloved fellows,

    It warms my heart to find out that we are so many souls that want to help and spread high energies.

    It is my first visit on this site. I had a sudden urge this morning to open my computer and type in the word message and then Gaia. What a meaningful and warmful message you received Suzanne!

    We are blessed with the gift of light: we need to share it with others: those who cannot awaken. There is still a lot to do to get to the 5th dimension as ONE. Those who cannot awaken feel a hard time in this transition and are letting out so much negative energy. We need to send our love so they can experience the 5th dimension in a more peaceful way. Let's send a calming vibe for them to open their minds and hearts to the changes that are coming. Let's send positive energy throughout the world to counterbalance difficulties others experience. After helping others move along, we will feel easily at our place in high energies with less effort, because at the end, we are ONE.