Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans and Thanksgiving from all the support from my readers all over the world. Soon, we will not be "separated" into countries and "limited" by different language systems and customs. Soon, we will all speak Light Language and share the culture of "being fifth dimensional humans." "Soon" is a words that my guides have used easily, since they are not bound by time. What ever they said would occur, did occur, but it didn't feel like soon to me.

We are all sooooo ready to live the Truth, unconditional Love and multidimensional light of the fifth dimension, and we KNOW that "soon" we will. It is important that we always believe that promise, for belief sets our state of consciousness, which sets our ability to see the areas of our life that are already fifth dimensional. Take a moment now to look at the areas of your life that already feel fifth dimensional. How do you know that FEEL fifth dimensional? You know because these parts, people, activities and places that are part of your life feel like unconditional love.

In these challenging times it is easy to focus on what is fearful so that we can avoid it. However, that thinking is part of the third dimensional game. We are great creators, and WE are creating our life by where we place our attention. Therefore, if we believe that bad things are going to happen, our state of consciousness move into Fight or Flight, and we will then look for what is wrong. we will easily find it.

On the other hand, if we believe that WE, person and planet, are becoming fifth dimensional, we will look around to find the fifth dimensional energies in our current world that support that belief. Because we enjoy love, peace, creativity and truth, we continue with that belief, no matter what fearful "news" tries to dampen our resolve to live our dream. With our belief in truth, unconditional love and multidimensional light, we will look around to find that which is already fifth dimension. AND we will find it!!!

Take a moment now to examine your life and find all the elements of it that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond...

Write down what you have discovered and carry the list with you. Then, whenever the cares and stress of daily life starts to pull you down, you can take out the list and look at it. It is then that you look at the list, and maybe add to it. Release the cares and woes, and focus, instead, on the parts of your life that are already fifth dimensional.

Focus on the unconditional that emanates from these parts of your life...

Pull that unconditional love into your heart and breathe it out into your reality to expand the fifth dimension...

Give deep and honest thanksgiving for the fifth dimensional areal of your life to seal them into your reality...

Remember to say, "Thanksgiving for the substance at hand, will duplicate the substance indefinitely."
I have used this mantra for years and it absolutely WORKS.

I wish now to give thanksgiving for all the wonderful support, questions and messages that i have received from my wonderful readers. Wherever in the world you may live--thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing fifth dimensional Earth with me.

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  1. Hello Suzanne.

    I just discovered your site and blog , it's great , I love it all. Just want to say it to you.
    Thank you for sharing, Esse-Riekje