Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Since I have started to verbally channel the Arcturians there have been many changes in my life. First, I have discovered that what goes up--goes down. In other words, as my consciousness has gone up enough to allow the Arcturian energy to run through my body, my consciousness then goes down into the deepest archives of my subconscious. I have gone to several healers lately because my body was having trouble integrating and absorbing the high frequency of the Arcturian messages. The answers, of course, lay way back in issues from my birth and early childhood. Early portions of my consciousness that have not been heard, have been revealed so that they can be recognized and loved free.

Not only have I had to heal my subconscious feelings of hurt and rejection, I have had to heal my liver, the organ that is the final resting place for our "wast materials.: Furthermore, I found that my garage, which is under my house has dry rot, which also needs to be healed. I have found many times that my house, computer or car will express what is happening in my consciousness. I am, also, one who wears every unexpressed emotion on my body. If the emotions are loving, people say, "Wow, you look great today." If the emotions are fearful, I get sick or injured.

I am sure that many of you are having similar situations, for as we awake, we become ONE with our environment. Whatever we hold in our consciousness is instantly displayed in our life. For example, in releasing control to the Arcturian Energy, I have uncovered many situations in my childhood in which I felt "out of control." This information is assisting me to heal the root, so the the flower of my SELF can come forward. We all have ways in which we are tied to the limitations of our third dimensional limitations, which need to be revealed and released in order for us to continue our transmutation into our fifth dimensional SELF.

When we call forth a higher initiation into the Light that we must go bravely into our inner darkness to allow the Light to enter where it is most needed. But, when we do so, we have amazing experiences that have been waiting, just beyond our old limitations. For example, I had a meditation while at my acupuncturist where I saw the minnie wormholes within my junk DNA and was shown how to disperse my molecules so that I could travel via thought.

We are living in many worlds at once now. Our inner child, the root of our early programing that needs to be updated, is coming forward at the same time that our Multidimensional SELF is guiding us more and more. Some days it seems as if we are trapped in old patterns that we know are over. On other days, we can see the fifth dimension just right there, in the corner of our eye, in the sky or in a sunset. Sometimes we cycle between two or three realities several times within one day. Yes, it is a lot to keep track of.

Meanwhile, we have to go to work, pay our bills, clean our house, feed our children, etc., etc... In other lives in which we ascended, we lived in Temples on the top of a remote mountain or in the deepest desert. All we needed to do was work on our spirituality. Now, we are needing to learn to be Masters of Energy in our daily life. But, we are learning!! Somehow we are ARE juggling the third, fourth and fifth dimensions along with our inner child and working adult. I was reminded this week, that I had forgotten to Follow the Flow. When I remembered to do that--to just relax into the Flow of the ONE and take it as it comes-- life got easier. Now I just have to remember the Flow when I forget again.

We are very brave to awaken in the midst of the third dimensional dream, and stay awake long enough to share our process with others. Right now, our experiences are unique. However, soon these experiences of awakening will be common, but many people will have no idea what is happening. That is when those of us who have "gone before," will be there to teach other what we have learned.

I spent most of my life hiding out in the person that was acceptable to others. Now, I want to encourage others to open up to anyone who will listen. To BE their SELF! It is difficult, I know. There are, of course, exceptions. If showing our true light frightens others, which it can easily do, then we may need to "mute"ourselves at bit. However, there are many more that show great relief to know that they are not alone in the experiences of awakening that they are having.

We are living in the most wonderful time imaginable. I am sure that many of you are remembering our past lives, alternate realities, your true SELF, as well as your Galactic Family. WE are not alone. We are ALL awakening. It is just that many of us don't know it yet.


  1. Thank You Suzanne.

    Much Love!!


  2. I enjoy and benefit from your work so much