Monday, December 21, 2009

Believe It

Today, on the day of the 12-21-09 Winter Solstice, I would like to share a message that I received from my Future SELF. I wish to share it because it applies to all of us.

For decades I have written in my journal whenever I felt a need for help and clarity. I address my questions to "Dear One," so that I am open to any source of guidance that may come in. My question this time was "Dear One, Why have I been so tired lately?" The answer came from my Future Self:

I am your Future Self, here to speak with you after a long time. I have not spoken to you directly because you have been becoming ME--The Ascended ONE. Did you ever think that you would hear this information and be able to confidently say YES? Yes, I am complete with the experience of being my tired, wounded, hard working, suffering ego/self? Yes, I am NOW ready to BE my true SELF, the Future SELF to whom I have sought comfort?

I, who is now us because we have become ONE, am so very proud of you/us for releasing your/our old Piscean Age patterns of hard work and martyrdom. However, now that these patterns are leaving, you are experiencing how of great fatigue from the many years (in fact, many lives) has been cast upon your earth vessel. Now that body is transmuting into its true form of Lightbody, layers and layers of old fatigue is coming to the surface of your consciousness to be loved free.

Furthermore, because you have become one with ME, you have expanded your consciousness to encompass your Planetary SELF. Hence, you experience not only your personal exhaustion, but also the exhaustion of the body of Gaia. Because of this, as you clear your person fatigue, you also assist in clearing the planet.

Be patient with this process, as it will take as long as it takes. Find comfort in the fact that soon you will be beyond "time." Then your many lives of suffering will be just a memory of realities you once lived. As you Future SELF, I can honestly tell you that you are SO close to this completion that you can almost taste it.

In fact, go ahead and taste it. Taste the sweet nectar of completion of a long journey into night. Now, the day is dawning. Wipe the sleep from your eyes and awaken to the new day of your new life on New Earth.

You are HOME, all you need DO is Believe it!

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