Saturday, October 24, 2009

unconditional love

Hello again,

Since I finished the October newsletter and spent the week after sharing the meditation on my previous blog, I have been hearing, remembering and trying (depending on my state of consciousness) to send unconditional love to any person, place situation or thing that creates a challenge or negative thought or feeling. The healing is not instant, but it helps me to keep out of obsessive thinking and fear--most of the time. I have learned that eventually a solution or healing comes.

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Last night I had dreams/instructions about the use of unconditional love in daily life. I can't remember all of it, except that the I woke up in a part of the dream where I used unconditional love and the situation appeared to get worse. I don't know what that means, but I think it has something to do with the fact that once I use unconditional love as a healing force in my life, my ego has to let go. I have been learning lately that things that "appear" to very "bad" actually turn out to be better than ever. The old has to be shed to allow the new to be born. However, we hold so tightly onto our past that releasing it can feel very frightening.

I learned as a child that if I asked God/Spirit for something it was best to leave my request open ended. Then, I would receive more than I would ever dare ask for. Perhaps, it is that way with unconditional love. I think we have to release the solution, healing, answer etc. that we think we need and allow unconditional love to work its magic. I think that we forgot how much we really deserve. We have also forgotten that at a slightly higher frequency there is a reality in which we are already the person we want to be and living the life in the fifth dimension.

If we can just keep our consciousness above the torrents of fear that threaten to throw us off center, I think, hope, believe, that we can ride that wave of unconditional love into that reality, Therefore, we are creating that reality by creating our state of consciousness, as well as entering the reality we have already created. This sentence makes no sense to third dimensional thinking, but within fifth dimensional thinking there is no time and no space. Therefore, we can easily create and enter what we have already created within the NOW of no time.

What do you think?


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  1. Hi Sue,

    I've been meaning to send on a hello and comment since reading October's message.
    It was personally so powerful for me. There is something alchemical occurring as I do as suggested and connect with that aspect or part that already has the download/upload of the Light Language. Amazing, really. The upload concept is powerful and I was right there with it. Seemingly my perceptions shifted in that now moment.
    I will read the newest message that has come in this morning now.
    Thank you